F/MT600 & MyDrive

Has anyone tried to get a new, or renew, their F/MT600 through MyDrive?

Have signed up to Defence Gateway using the new staff number but when I try and access MyDrive, I get access denied. There is nothing on the help desk within defence gateway that can help straight away and I can even see how to raise a ticket.

Any ideas?

There was access and it’s recently been removed, I guess to stop all the questions RAFAC personnel are asking.

Speak to your parent station MT for when they will become a hub and when it will be useable.

Hmm my parent station (Odiham) had asked my to access it and put them down as my hub but can’t get access at all.

We shouldn’t be using MyDrive AFAIK. Getting access to F/MT 600s, and driver training, should still be done via WHQ/parent station.

We’ve been told to access our records through the defence gateway. Had all my paper copies sent back to me via Wing HQ

Sounds like Op Deny RAFAC Driving is in full effect.


There is an issue with My Drive, I would go back to your Wing HQ and ask them what to do. We have been told to go back to the old way of doing things and one of our parent stations is sorting out the FM600s for our Wing.

Well my course is tomorrow and I’m going fully loaded with paperwork. Let’s just see what they say.

… i was thinking exactly the same.

SOVs discouraged.
FMT 600s made difficult.
White fleet bookings, increased admin.

“Yeah… sorry, we cant fill those flying slots 200 miles away anymore.”

“Thats ok, they were cancelled last week, but didnt bother telling you as we know the cadets like a day out in a car”…


Oh, and they have remove the right for CFAVs to drive anything with over 16 passengers. Those with PSV equivalent no longer allowed to drive MOD coaches!

The access to MyDrive is currently with the Defence Gateway security team. It is being chased by HQ Digital team but a resolution time isn’t currently forthcoming.

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So from my course, access to MyDrive needs to be resolved soon. They are no longer issuing paper F/MT 600’s and all paperwork is needed to go into MyDrive to show competency on vehicles. I now have to carry around about 10 pieces of paper for whenever I want to use a vehicle.

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There is an announcement on SharePoint talking about access to My drive with an email to send feedback too. Might be worth you getting in direct contact with them?


Turns out that the MyDrive app was ‘inadvertently’ removed somewhere along the line…some poor sod is going to be dealing with a lot of tickets…

FMT600 needed for camp in a few months so better dig out the briefcase for all the paperwork I may need to carry!

For those that are interested, MyDrive is now available to use on Defence Gateway.


My parent station has recently been added to Mydrive, and as I’m off on camp next month, I have started the process of ditching my FMT600…

I’ve registered on Mydrive, had my driving licence and matrix test approved, but seem to have hit a brick wall…

For whatever reason, Despite having held an FMT600 since 2001, there is no evidence of any training. More recently, I’ve been signing orders remotely, so have not been to MT for about 5 years. Even a FMT600 signed by the ex-MT controller doesn’t cut the mustard. The last time I drove a service vehicle was last August, but apparently there is no record of that happened on that stations system. I have driven 17 seater SOV buses several times this year already, but my hub obviously have no access to those records.

I’m not adverse to going to my local MT station to sit through the White Fleet training package, or going for a Fam drive, but every time I speak to MT, the people I need to discuss this with are on nights/leave/not in/in a meeting.

I’m starting to lose the will, so if anyone has any hints or tips as to what constitutes evidence of competency, or knows how on earth I can dodge this every year, please help!

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I’ve hit a similar issue, with no fam drive record they won’t approve a competency.

Fella who can do the fam drives just isn’t responding to emails.

It’s infuriating, isn’t it? How they manage to run a service to the station is beyond me…

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Tried to transfer mydrive from Brize to Odiham today

Added my Car and 5050 with scans of my old school FMT600 showing im permitted to drive.

Odiham MT rejected them :frowning:

Almost sounds like something is trying to stop air cadets from driving…