Ex regulars and different colour berets etc

So I saw the thread about the FLt Lt with a parachute regiment red beret.

I wonder what the RAFAC’s rules say about ex regulars wearing such things if they become a uniformed CFAV?

From what I’ve seen while they are part of the SCC, Royal Marines Detachment (SCC) CFAVs can wear the green beret if they passed the commando course or all arms commando course if they legitimately gained them whilst being a regular in the RM/RN.

Can RAFAC CFAVs wear green or maroon berets and other such things if they legitimately gained them, while serving in the regular RAF/other branches.

For the record this whole thread is mostly just for curiousity and little else.

I know a couple of CFAV who wore a commando daggers, but don’t recall ever seeing them in headdress so can’t comment on the berets - I think if you’ve legitimately earned it it’s fine though.

You can’t wear a maroon beret outside of an airborne unit, or the parachute regiment, the beret attaches to the unit, not the individual.

Green beret is more complicated, but the dagger does the same job.

I have a friend who is ex RM, and a current RAFAC WO and entitled to wear the green beret and commando dagger.

In reality, he wears the dagger but not the beret.

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As a cadet I had an ex-army AWO (good old days) who wore the para wings but never the beret.

A lovely chap, but not one to mess with. I dated his daughter for a while before uni and she grew up in Hereford which explained a lot. I’m still in touch with him but haven’t spoken to her in 15 years. He still refuses to tell anyone what he did in the army.

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Quite interested the know that belt the Air Commodore is wearing - he is wearing it in most pics but I can’t make out what it is.

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Looks like the PJHQ stable belt buckle on a working dress belt.




I’d like to wear the RAF buckle on a green belt - can I? :slight_smile:

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DHU Belt

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And what’s DHU? Not an acronym I recognise


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Op Samson?

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Wearing that gives an insight into the individual.

No the kind of guy you want on your interview panel then :smiley:


Current Army policy, as it’s understood here is maroon and green lids can only be worn when attached to an airborne or commando unit or at a phase 1 training establishment. i should imagine it’s the same for those in the RAF with completion of P Coy or AACdo course, i.e. unless attached, cannot wear the beret. we have a soldier (former RM) who cannot wear his green lid here sadly.

Yet ex-RM officers with green lids do still wear them (with daggers) when attached to CCFRN or CCFRM sections - we have one!

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CCF(A) too - RAF are the outlier.

Actually lost a potential staff member to Army as he couldn’t wear his lid and mud guards in RAF.

In the ACF, a maroon lid would only be permitted if the individual was ex para and was in an ACF unit affiliated to the Parachute Regiment.

Ex RM would wear Army Commando mudguards, and would also be able to wear the green lid if their previous unit gave them permission to do so.

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Unless you’re a Royal Marine you only wear the green beret after completing the Commando Course and while on the strength of a unit in 3 Commando Brigade.

As a soldier non Para Regt you wear the maroon beret while on strength of any unit in the Airborne Brigade. You don’t have to have passed P Company and the jumps course, this is a bone of contention with the Para Regt members who have to pass P Company to earn theirs as opposed to someone getting posted in who’s a clerk (no disrespect to AGC) and gets their maroon beret out the stores.

I’m former REME and my Best Man at my wedding was former REME who served with both the Commando and Airborne Forces and was winged and daggered up but at our unit in Germany he wore the same beret as everyone else, he just had a few sets of Para wings to choose from ( French, US Army, US Marines) on a Monday morning to wear in his smock.

As a former regular soldier who is a CFAV in RAFAC the only time it’s apparent that I have previous service is when I’m in No 1s.
Apparently if I had joined the ACF I would be allowed to wear (with COs approval) my previous cap badge regardless of what regiment or corps the detachment I was in was affiliated to.


I think that is correct at least locally, we have instructors with both RA and Para cap badges (and maroon lid & jump wings in the latter case) even though the detachments aren’t either of those regiments.

I don’t know if it’s a national or local practice though.