Does anyone know where or who to request/order/demand a new ATC Ensign from?

Our’s is falling apart and getting very worn and torn.

Many thanks

WO Merlin

Stores at parent unit?

Details need to be verified for accuracy:

8345-99-1251117 RAF Ensign, 92 cm x 184 cm

8349-99-1251121 RAF Ensign, 61 cm x 122 cm

Loads on eBay (less than £10) if you want a temporary one quick!

Would he not be after an ATC Ensign, though?

I spoke to my WHQ, and they ordered one through the parent station. Got it sent in the post within a few weeks.

Flag, Ensign, ATC: 8345-99-1251325

Cheers Mucker!

I’ve asked my WHQ and provided them the NSN as quoted. Let’s see where that will get me.

Our Ensign is in a bad state of repair now and is 20+ years old… I think the Ensign deserves to be retired.