Eligibility for Parachute Badge

I am struggling to find a clear answer to my question in previous discussions. I have heard rumours that if a cadet completes a static line parachuting course comprising of ground school training and a static line jump, they are eligible for the parachuting badge providing that the establishment they complete the course with is approved by the “British Parachute Association”. Can anyone please confirm if this is true or not. Thanks.

This is what is stated in the PTS-
The Air Cadet Parachuting Course takes place at The Force Development Training Centre at RAF Weston-on-the-Green.
There are 2 elements to the training:

  1. Ground school
  2. Static-line parachute jump
    Eligibility: Minimum age of 16 years, maximum weight limit of 96 kg, medically fit to undertake training and must become a member of the British Parachuting Association before undertaking any training.

So are you saying that you believe you have to do the RAFAC course in order to qualify the badge?

Yes either at Weston on the green or with army school of parachuting at netheravon

So could you do it privately at APA Netheravon or only on a RAFAC organised course?

I see nothing stating that the badge can only be issued after a course at a RAFAC-approved site. Since precedent exists for other qualifications, this may be worth questioning upwards.

ACTO 54 states courses (successfully completed) consisting of groundschool and one jump at WotG qualify for the badge.

“Other opportunities are available” at WotG and Netheravon as spaces are open to cadets and CFAV at other times, but these are not RAFAC courses and therefore I don’t know if they could also qualify for the badge.

Anybody going on the course needs to be a paying BPA member.

Civilian clubs are expressly not endorsed by RAFAC regardless of BPA status. There is, however, and approval process that can be instigated by RHQ or HQAC to get a club assured by HQ 22 Grp.

Anyway, if you want the badge, get your staff to dig out ACTO 54 from Sharepoint and follow the process therein.

Worth an ask about if going to direct to WotG or Netheravon can also qualify.

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Do you know who, at wing, region or corps level you would contact about my quiery?

If a cadet came to me, I’d head to our Wing’s E1 first - they can pass to relevant person or point me in the direction of. I don’t believe parachuting falls under a WSO and applications are managed directly by WHQ perm staff.

It may be that they just go to WExO (and/or it gets asked up the chain at RHQ), but we’ve got a knowledgeable E1 and I personally avoid taking every enquiry straight to WExO unless I know it’s definitely their responsibility.

Okay thanks. Could anyone provide an unsecured copy or screenshot of ACTO 54 as obviously being a cadet (Staff cadet) I don’t have access to SharePoint and our SQN is stood down for a few more weeks?

We did it ourselves as a contingent at Netheravon and the TEST Sgt came down the next week with the badges. Not sure if that is still allowed but not going to tell anyone to take theirs off

In short, no.

In a few more words:
Regardless of any restrictions or sensitivities, a key purpose and benefit of Sharepoint is to avoid out of date documents floating around, should there be amendments.

It won’t make you feel better, but I don’t think a couple of weeks is going to make a big difference - the RAFAC WotG courses are run in summer holidays and filled well in advance.

You can take a look at the BPA website (www.bpa.org.uk) to learn a bit about them and membership in advance, but I wouldn’t take any action yet. Interestingly (and maybe in support of what I said about documents changing) I can’t find one of the forms that ACTO54 says you need on their website.

Okay, that’s irritating but understandable. On the subject of SharePoint, as a staff cadet who is a first aid instructor, a bronze cyber instructor and who holds AT qualifications, am I entitled to a login for SharePoint?

Your squadron should be able to give you access to the Squadron’s General Account, which would permit you access to SharePoint.

Although they shouldn’t stop you, I can’t say that your staff would definitely grant access, but you appear to have good cause to request it as a Staff Cadet and instructor.

(as far as I’m concerned, one more person, provided they are responsible, able to dig through the mire and save me doing it is a bonus)

Except there are plenty of out of date documents if you use the search function. If you know which document you need then it’s great, but if you need to search it’s awful

There are. That’s because people uploaded stuff instead of linking to it.

If it’s a policy doc not from the HQAC, RHQ, or WHQ docs sites then treat it as potentially incorrect, but if there isn’t one available in the HQ site… what else can you do?

Netheravon is an authorised training provider so all legit

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