Electric Scooters

As I’ve seen the RAF has introduces Escooters to their bases so personnel can get around in an ecofriendly manner.

Does anyone know weather these scooters will be available for cadets to use on camps? As I’m going on RAF Fairborune in October and it would be fun if one of the activities were like racing Escooters, even though I know this never will be the case.

I’m assuming you mean Fairborune? And if so, no, there won’t be eScooters there.

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Just, no.


Not legal on public roads unless from one of those rental schemes… I guess you could whizz round the tiny Fairbourne car park :joy:

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Don’t expect to be able to charge it though. I don’t think electricity has reached that bit of Wales yet! :wink:


You won’t get them at Fairbourne, 100%.

In the unlikely event you ever get to an operational base that also has these, you still won’t get a look in.

Why they couldn’t just get bikes that don’t need to be plugged in at all is beyond me.


Sweaty fatties (like myself) showing up for a meeting after cycling across camp? No one wants to sit next to that.


The regulars are supposedly subject to annual fitness tests?

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Yeah. But even I can pass one of them and I’m in terrible shape.

Because people wouldn’t use them and would just drive instead like they currently do?


The Air Force did used to have issued bicycles for airfield use.

I think it would be quite entertaining having a fleet of eScooters at an annual camp so you can roll around camp doing the fam-ex. :sweat_smile:

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Also, the good eScooters can go 20+MPH, which is faster than most people could ride a bike for any reasonable amount of time and be able to do stuff after.

The scooters are good and all but to use them you do need a valid driving licence, also my experience using them they are temperamental

Yeah, the hire ones here can randomly lose power for no reason, which can be a bit alarming!

You only need category Q for an escooter which you don’t need to pass a test for. But VOI makes it a rule to be 18

One of the teachers cycles to work and has had 3 near misses with escooters and been forced to crash when left the footpath right in front of him, in the last couple of months. He said they have no road awareness or skills, he wants to cut their thumbs off. He’s a serious cyclist (that or he gets lost easily) and does 40-60 miles rides home from school, when he lives 7 miles away. He tracks his routes just over 2 hours for his longer ones, leaves me impressed. He said at least people who drive have an awareness of the road and all things on it. In his opinion escooterists are chav scum and deserve meals via tubes.

Personally anyone with an escooter should pass a theory and driving test, have insurance and pay road tax, unless they are limited to 4mph. They are a bloody pest. They rank alongside the worst cyclists, by which I mean anyone on a mountain bike, in woods and the like.

But I’m pretty sure the only way to get cat Q is by doing the normal cat B driving test. I may be wrong though.

Currently that is the case. To use the trial eScooters you need to have a valid driving licence. The insurance/tax bit is paid for by the hire company.

What a lot of people who use them seem to forget is that they are driving them on their normal driving license, and all the normal rules apply. Get caught on the pavement and you’ll get done for dangerous driving. Get caught using one after three pints at the pub and you’ll get done for drink driving. Etc.

Except that there’s no such thing as Road Tax, of course.

Not that stops the anti-cycling mob from demanding they pay it.


I used to pass a guy on the way to college (back in the day) who would unicycle to work in his suit and with briefcase and umbrella.
I think we’ve found our powerless station solution…