Electric Scooters

Although VED has been ring fenced to pay for road upkeep again since 2018.

Yep our yard at work is full of them and loads of our gang nominals have points from them.

VED has not been ring fenced for roads since 1937. I cannot find anything that says the 2018 changes changed that position.

And even if it did apply to cyclists, the sum would likely be zero, as it’s based on emissions.

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Saw a guy riding one Friday night. It was dark, he was on the road. The Scooter only had a tiny red light only a inch or so above the road surface.

Yes I think they are a bit cool and I’d give one a go, but mixed with the road or a normal pavement they are death traps IMHO.

I say tomato you say tomato.

Calling it VED was just a way to prevent people thinking the daylight robbery/scam of road tax./VED might mean that at least the money will be spent so the roads they use are kept in decent order, rather than propping up the financially incompetent parts of the public sector.

Bristol, which is one of the Voi trial city’s is going to ban them because the council have received thousands of complaints about them. So they won’t be around long enough for people to pay tax for them.

The mayor wants then to become permanent, they are incredibly popular. I’ll probably take one to work tomorrow.

It’s nothing to do with tomatoes, I prefer the term Vehicle excise duty paid into the general taxation pot, along with VAT, income tax and many others, from which the upkeep of the roads is paid. Meaning that when I cycle to work, I do so as a payer of ‘Road tax’

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That will have to change sooner rather than later especially with the pledges they are making on the Economy.

The phone snatchers love them, they have almost completely supplanted moped enabled crime. I don’t know how the trials are going out east but where I am the ones being used are all illegal and they are a menace, the cyclists hate them in the cycle lanes and the motorists hate them on the road.

I can see much saying that was the plan, but nothing to say it was ever carried out…

does that mean you also need an FMT600 sign off on them too?

joking…or am i?

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Knowing MT I wouldn’t bet against it.

Here’s a second hand escooter I got but my parents have demanded I send it back which is what I’m doing. As they see it as a way for me to kill myself and loose my license, as if I got caught using it in public it’s a £1000 fine and a lose of license.

You have sensible parents


WRT to Express article … The daft thing is if govts over the decades had spent the money as they should, there wouldn’t need to be any mention of a new fund, as roads would be in good order. Just the spend the money they extort from vehicle owners and drivers, to their benefit.

Although the topic spread to a couple of tangents, OP was curious and there’s no need to poke fun at the question.