EASP Writing

I’m a CI and have been asked to write EASP for Fieldcraft training off site. I reckon this would be the TOs job, am I correct?
Can I Legally write one?

Depends on whether you are an AFTI or ECO?

If you’ve not been trained to write one then you shouldn’t be writing one.

AFTI or ECO? Don’t know what they are?

Authorised Fieldcraft Training Instructor or Exercise Conducting/controlling Officer

Not been trained in ATC and none of my MIl Quals; RMQ etc carry over, only 1st Aid Quals :frowning:

Did the AFTI course, but was told only Uniform could do EASP course.

I’d agree with bob1 however…

If you’ve done the fieldcraft instructor course recently, it should have covered the authorisations procedure and all the terminology.

If it is a daylight exercise <8hrs the EASP has to be signed by the ECO and authorised by the Wg FTO. Local training (on your Sqn) would be authorised by your OC.

If the ex is >8hrs it goes to OC Wing for sign off with countersignature from the Wg FCO.

It is all on Bader in the ACFTIs.

I’d assume you’ve been asked to help draft it, as you are an AFTI, with Service experience, and that the ECO will review and sign off?

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And yes, you are correct, you have to be uniform (but no longer an officer) to do the ECO course

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I’d assume you’ve been asked to help draft it, as you are an AFTI, with Service experience, and that the ECO will review and sign off?

Which is what I suggested to TO. Many thanks, may I quote you guys ?

Do you mean your Sqn Trg Off rather than Wing Fieldcraft Officer/Fieldcraft Training Officer? Unless you are luckily enough to have an ECO on Sqn then the whole thing could be skating on thin ice.

I’d suggest speaking (informally if needed) to either the ECO running the Ex or your Wing Fieldcraft Officer or their deputy. The EASP is not something to be at all casual about.

If you’re in any way unhappy about what you’ve been asked to write, don’t do it.

In principle there is nothing wrong with someone else drafting the document, since it doesn’t become official until the qualified person signs off on it, so as long as they read it properly and redraft anything they don’t like before signing their would be no issue.

However for me it would be very poor practice, if I’m the ECO I want to have written the document myself, as in doing so I would be making sure I hadn’t missed anything, in the same way and for much the same reasons I wouldn’t let someone else write a RAM for me.


WNot sure exactly what the situation is here, but:

If you’re writing an EASP for an ECO, then I’d suggest that he/she should probably be the first point of call for help/advice/writing the whole thing themself.

If you’re running some sort of small-scale training not requiring an ECO (which I think is still possible) then an EASP would be overkill and you should really be looking at an EAM instead.

If neither of the above is the case then please explain further!

Also please correct the spelling of Writing in the header its driving me nuts!

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Doesn’t bode well for any draft dokumeant! :wink:

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Done :smiley:

You should find that you have the rights to do that yourself, by the way,.

You are spot on - EASP is for a deployed ex and that must have an ECO.
If it is not deployed - then EAM and RA should suffice.
The OP says the Ex is away from the Sqn, so unless there is a detail I’ve missed there should be an ECO signing the paperwork.

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In theory, but if it’s only training within the ESF then it only needs a lesson plan and risk assessment (plus a 907 or topl if relevant) and can be signed off on SMS by the sqn OC.

If its an ex or not on a parade night then full complement of paperwork is required.

While theoretically OK for an EASP to be drafted by a non ECO, it’s a very detailed and important document requiring a good level of knowledge of the training area being used - as well as how to write one.

I wouldn’t let someone write one for me unless I was training them to do so and supervising it.

If I were you, I would go back and say you either need help and to work on it with the designated ECO, or you’re not doing it. The problem with muddling through is that it ends up wasting a lot of time for you and others in the chain if it’s not right - and that wouldn’t be your fault.

The training is on a parade night and on local grammar school playing field, which is adjacent to our Sqn location. [ARC]. Training will be basic F/craft, movement, Cam etc.