Drone ban?

Hey all just looking for some information since the new ACTO 075 doesn’t mention the word drone specifically does anyone know if there is still a ban on the use of them ?

There has never been a ban providing you get the right insurance in place and don’t fly on MOD property.

That was always my thinking mate the defence estate ban has been lifted and the training areas are allowing it now but certain people are definitely anti drones

Suggest you re-read paragraph 8(a), which mentions drones and the dronesafe website.

Ban not lifted but ACTO 075 para 13 states

  1. RAFAC units seeking approval for recreational usage of SUA on the DE must have the support of a MoD sponsor. Examples of acceptable sponsors would be permanent RAFAC region or wing staff or regular service personnel. The appointed sponsor will be required to submit an Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Recreational Use Approvals Form ([Annex B to 2018DIN02-015] on behalf of the RAFAC unit, to the appropriate MoD unit outlining the proposed SUA operation.

The big question is finding the sponsor!

My mistake mate I was meaning in the definitions

The TSO on certain training areas are willing to act as the sponsor

Drone now banhammered according to latest Sharepoint guidance…no surprises there really.

So once again, due to the fact that there might be an instance, somewhere, by someone, HQAC take the easy option and ban its use.

‘May be doing so in contravention of CAA regs’…
So no evidence to say people are. Just there is a possible risk and therefore, ‘nope, just ban it’.

Absolute cowardice in the face of opportunity once again from HQAC.

I’ve read the IBN and what a load of woolly, knee jerk ‘policy’. Far too many mights, maybes and shoulds. Again, 2 FTS ban everything, rather than manage the minority who aren’t following the rules.


2FTS don’t like anything they’re not in direct control over because it proves they’re not really needed. So they ban it instead.


I think it’s very likely that the ban will be lifted once a policy for their use has been properly drafted with expert input.

It’s simple.
If a Sqn operates within the rules and oversight of the BMFA crack on.
If not. Do so.



However long that takes! What’s so wrong with ACTO75 that means it’s unsafe or illegal? This approach of ban it then take years to produce policy is just wrong.

Indeed you can now do A2 CoC through the BMFA. One stop shop, job done (other drone training providers are available …)

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And other Cadet forces are activity using drones. <Google’s ACF CFAV recruitment page>


Exactly, BMFA already provide insurance, clear guidance and training to meet the CAA requirement. 2FTS don’t need to duplicate it.


I am so so sick of 2FTS.

Utterly useless. Staffed entirely by people with little interest other than being jobsworths.

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But also let’s ban something that can be run very straightforwardly, until such a time as 2FTS can ruin it with some kind of course nobody wants to attend.


Which most likely wont even comply with legislation at the time