Dark Mode

It proves to be ever controversial, but here I am - any chance we could get a dark mode? I’m sat here at 0034 and I thought I’d check ACC and I just blinded myself :rofl:

Anyhow if it’s possible it’d be appreciated.

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Strangely, I’ve been looking into this very thing!

I’ll keep dev’ing and see what I can come up with :mrgreen:


That’s great, thanks, I’ve seen it on other Discourse forums but I haven’t a clue which plugins there are which make it work.

something like this?

that’s the spot

Turn your brightness down on phone… or switch off blue light?

Call me old fashioned, but I’m on my computer, which has True Tone display and warms the hue at night. White is white no matter how you soften/warm/lower it - there is a reason most OSs and apps now come with a dark mode

I use this extention on Chrome for dark mode on any sites that don’t already have it. It isn’t perfect of course as it’s essentially just inverting a lot of colours; but I do find it does a pretty decent job. There are likely other similar extensions, that’s just an example.

There’s that one, or there’s an auto switcher based on the time!

But this is a customised theme, so I’ll have to make sure it all works!

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ahhh fair enough.

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Dark Mode!

nearly, not quite there yet!

still tweaking!

:joy: Looks good so far on FireFox.

ta, just tweaking the colours - some aren’t quite how I want them :wink:


I guess you are tinkering away. Prefer the dark on my phone. I’ve clicked on some posts and I get a comment pop up in white and then fade to black

yeah, that’s normal - it’s highlighting the first new post in the thread. It’s just more obvious in dark mode!

I think I’ve tweaked all the colours that weren’t quite right - can everyone please have a check and see what i’ve missed.


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The categories menu could do with the tezt being brighter/lighter

Ignore that, it’s better now I’ve selected ACC Dark from that Theme Selector.

Set it back as I’ve fixed those now! Do a full refresh in the browser :wink:

It’s stopped highlighting unread topics since this change, they still show up as above the last read line but harder to track.


Good spot,

Thank you