CWO with shoulder eagles?

Spotted on the a CCF Twitter - it appears their CWO is wearing cadet rank insignia but with the regular service shoulder eagles, instead of the “school name CCF” I would expect. Is anyone aware of an exemption that permits this?

All the ATC cadets are :man_shrugging:t2:

No. They shouldn’t be wearing the eagles. No dress regs permit this at all. But the mistake is on the staff, not the cadets doing as they are told with uniform they have been issued.

If it’s local & only in the bounds of the school then can’t see it being an issue.

At the end of the day it’s only an eagle & with no 1s & parades this year everyone is going to be slightly off. There may not to be time to adjust the No1s accordingly

Do they look smart? Yes
Everyone accepting of it ? Yes

It works for the cadets so crack on & schools happy for it so crack on.

As one regional commandant said at a wing conference at the end of the day it’s only dressing up and part of the illusion we project to develop the cadets.

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Is is appropriate to single out an individual who would be easily identifiable?


I imagine no one told them they had to be removed.

I’m going to assume No1s bought second hand and then CWO stitched on.

Nothing to get hot and bothered about, very few people would know the difference. They’re clearly not trying to be an RAF airman.


What’s happened to ACC? People saying ‘don’t get worked up about correct uniform’?

Next you’ll be being nice to the CCF!


Let’s not be silly!


Photo and geo identifier removed.

Images and posts of this nature should not allow identification or persecution of individuals.

A generalised query with a cropped photo is more appropriate.


The cadets will wear what they’re given, how they’re told to wear it.

It’s not their fault.


I believe the photo appeared on a school social media account…

Maybe the OP could link to it instead

Even that would be inappropriate imo as it would open the individual to ridicule.

Perhaps we’re coming round more to the CCF way of thinking. Next stop L/Cpl for the ATC!! :crazy_face: (sorry mods - not starting a side debate :slightly_smiling_face:)

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The Facebook page still has the pic btw. I can’t do anything about that.

Yes L/Cpls please!


Unless your planning to start a discussion on the comments criticising him I’m sure it will be fine.

Why would we need a 5th NCO rank?!

More people to make tea for us


Align with CCF and ACF

Makes the transition to NCO smoother

Prevents Sqns having acting Cpls

Sorry thread drift tho!

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