Current Claims Timescales

No-one should be driving more than 40 miles round trip for Sqn HTD.
Thats madness.

If you live more than 20 miles from your Sqn, you need to find a closer one! Even if just to reduce the commuting time!

32 mile round trip for me.

I imagine Regional, Wing, AEF, VGS staff travel that each way if not more.

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That would be 1771 though, not HTD.

My round trip is about 35 miles.

I know someone who’s is 124. Safe to say they don’t turn up much…

Only if your visiting, if its your primary unit then its HTD.

Yeah, I suppose the likes of SATTs likely have high HTD round trips.

My old sqn was my closest and 20 miles away. New one is a mile and a half - feels like luxury


57 miles for me last night!

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But was that WWO role? F1771 not HTD


Ahh yeah it will be

I’ve submitted claims twice for a number of days i did last November.

Nothing paid and nothing heard. No telephone number to call that I can find. I’m a bit , to say the least.

Valuing our Volunteers,


There’s a number for HQAC on the website, just call and ask to speak to finance. I’ve done that before! Or just call Cranwell switchboard and ask the same :stuck_out_tongue:

How about an hours drive, a ferry, another hours drive and an overnight stay in a hotel before the reverse the day after?
Yep, I was OC, only allowed so many visits a month though :rofl:

Two Sqns ago it was a 35 mile round trip.

Now it’s a 4 mile round trip :grinning:

Claims seem to be being processed pretty quickly at HQ currently. I’ve recently submitted both Accts 80 and 1771 and they’ve been paid in the next payment run. Payment runs happen on a monthly basis with JPA but have a cut off date at about half way through the month so for example if the cut off for September was 15 September and it arrived with HQ for processing on 18 September, it would be processed in the payment run at end of October.

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So is there just an issue with HTD then? All other things appear to be working well!

And as you’re here, and we’re talking about claims; Is there any time scale on claims being done via VP? Being able to track where these things are stuck will be an amazing change!


See my post above.

There is a backlog of travel and VA from prior to this year because of JPA not recognising us in existence before the switch.

I did find a telephone directory on Bader but can’t remember how. It wasn’t overly clear what the roles actually mean though.

ACP8 is probably what you’re after…

But the MOD switchboard is more fun, if you know exactly what you’re wanting. Otherwise, they haven’t a clue.

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No set timelines currently. We’ve done a big piece of work around HTD but as we’ve worked on it, we’ve unpicked other things that have had to be addressed as well as some policy that needs to be amended. Once We’ve got Units and Learn live, we’ll be picking up the work on financial claims such as HTD again because we know that we can a) increase visibility of where it is in the system and b) decrease the amount of erroneous claims that have to be queried before being processed which currently creates a huge amount of additional work for accounts.


Cheers Ben, your team’s work is always appreciated! :slightly_smiling_face:


So there is an IBN that for some reason we’ve been sent locally, but isn’t on SPOL. It’s basically saying HQ finance have been directed by the Comdt to find a way to pay any claims from 2021, even if JPA won’t allow it. So if you’ve got any un-paid claims from before the 1 Feb 22 cut off, you should get them in ASAP.