Current Claims Timescales

Anyone know roughly how long HTD and 1771s are taking at the moment? Made some submissions at the beginning of July and not heard anything since…

Not wanting to start a new thread when it’s kind of related here. How long after an event can we submit VA claims? We found a stack of old claims from 12-24 months ago in the old SSI’s drawer whilst helping the new guy settle in. Was wondering why I hadn’t been paid.

ACP 300 talks about this I’m pretty sure. Also the cadet JSP thing (can’t remember the number!). In theory up to a year should be no questions asked I believe, and over that you’ll need a covering letter as to why it hasn’t been done promptly.

The only thing that may effect that is the change over to JPA at the start of the financial year, which I believe acted as a hard cut off for all previous claims, but I may be wrong there.

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Last I heard, anything for prior to 1st Jan 2022 (I think) is sitting in a pile at HQAC as JPA doesn’t recognise our new service numbers as existing then as they were set up from then so they can’t pay us as JPA thinks we didn’t exist.

HQAC are apparently looking for a work around.

This relates to travel and VA.


Put a claim in for Nijmegen in the end of July and JPA says it will be paid on the 30 Sep. So you are looking at 8-9 weeks

As for HTD who knows

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That doesn’t help me, but useful to know :slightly_smiling_face:

If you submit by the second Friday of the month, you’ll be paid on the last working of the next month.

I.e. submit by second week of October, and receive on 30 Nov

Just for VA, or all claims?

I’ve seen this with VA and Mileage so far.

Interesting. So mine being put in at the beginning of July, you’d expect that it should have gone though by now?

I would have expected that yes, I put some in at the same time which were paid in August.

According to ‘My Admin’ looks like im getting my VA for events in April/May/June this month - but not the Mileage for those events or similar HTD for Jan-Jun parade evenings.

Similarily im also pending my HTD from Q3&4 last year which looks like it didn’t reach HQAC before the end of Jan.

So I completely forgot we can now see this stuff on Defence Gateway! Turns out I actually have been paid. It went in whilst I was away so I missed the payment, doh. However, it appears only 1771 has been paid and not HTD. The amount received is also slightly higher than the amount expected…

So they were sent at the same time, but only one has been paid. Now I think I’m more confused than I was before!

Different people at HQ RAFAC process different forms and have their own respective backlogs of forms to process.

You won’t see mileage on My Pay, just VA.

Still no way to track mileage at all.

If it helps, I received VA for an event in July last month and the 1771 this month

So my 1771 has shown up under My Expenses! But yeah, no HTD. Maybe the delay is just on HTD then?

Yeah, HTD I think they said isn’t sorted yet. There was some info in the VoV about it not long back I think.

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The change to JPA didn’t like HTD for trips over a certain distance, can’t remember what it was, around 40 mile I think, so there was/is a backlog. VA and 1771 appear to be operating smoothly.

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That would make sense. The JSP that our HTD is based on does have a hard cap for distance. So guessing some interesting questions were asked…