Cpl application letter

so… my sqn opened cpl applications yesterday and they’re due next week, its a letter on why we want it and stuff. Any idea what to include? or how to start it?

perhaps a search of the topic will help?
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the link below is a quick start to get you going

but in short if you have been asked " why we want it" perhaps answer the question.
far better to offer personal reasons, than what you think it should include.

Don’t just offer “I am senior Cadet, I have X years service, I am able to work as a team” etc - offer examples which the reader can relate to.
“i have been a team player as shown at my attendance at the A event, and following my success on the B course feel I have skills to offer the other Cadets…”

Be positive, highlight your experience and what you would do to help the team of NCO’s make the Squadron a better place. Keep it to one page and not a war and peace on the life and history of CdtE.