Cosford Airshow

Not been to one in a while and I’m like a kid the night before Christmas. Do we have many from here in attendance be it in uniform (unlucky) or not attending with their Sqn?

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Taking 40+ cadets there in a coach…

Don’t tell me if you spot them up to no good!

2nd of the day and maybe interesting for the cadets to see

My lot are going although I’m not.

They’ll be the slightly insane oddball bunch (well for an ATC cadet anyway)

I am deliberately turning off BBC news notifications for the duration of the day - I’ll deal with anything on Monday :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Dont lick any aircraft… i hear thats a thing now :man_shrugging:

Pfft. @Baldrick’s sister was doing that 15 years ago!

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Which one?

Probably both, but certainly the elder

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My cadets are going, in uniform, but sadly I won’t be there.

So it’s going to be hot today. Loads of cadets visiting on official SMS activities. Wonder if there will be a weather warning about heat from higher CoC :roll_eyes:

Hate that we would put cadets into a situation that might hurt them without considering the whole situation :man_shrugging:t2:

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Only a warning?
No - better cancel all cadet activity, just to be safe :joy:

(Have a great time if you’re going - I’m jealous)


Wonder what provisions have been made for sufficent water.

Including water confirmed as suitable for those with specific needs?..

My rather posh friend as do many others reacts terribly if she comes into contact with lowly tap water or worse still bottled from Aldi…

hqac, at least have the decency to have the socio-economic awareness and plans in place to support those who can only drink waitrose or M&S water.


Didnt realise you knew my girlfriends mother who im sure is sponsored by waitrose.

Would’ve been going, but the coach I was going in got cancelled :rofl:.
Got a handful of cadets from my sqn going, outside of cadets.

Have to say the airshow I went to a few years ago was a lot better. Still a good day out and the cadets enjoyed it, even tho they failed to put the sun lotion on I brought with me.

My biggest gripe about the day was having full reception and only being able to make calls. I couldn’t stream to the Facebook group for cadets and parents to see as I had told them I would do. Could have saved carrying a ton of camera recording/streaming kit round and just stuck with my camera. Very disappointed :cry:

EE reception at Cosford is very good but it gets flooded on the air show day and the wi-fi isn’t great either on the airfield.

My phone informed me the network (EE) had temporarily disabled data in the area. Organisers really should do a better job of working with networks and adding Pico cells to cope with the volumes.

Was frustrating as was trying to arrange meeting with an old cadet mate and couldn’t connect on messenger so ended up not getting to see him


Like they do at Glastonbury! EE come in and set up a massive temporary network that all the other providers can piggy-back off of. The last show in 2019, a total of circa 103TB was used in total on the temporary network!


EE should bang in some 5G in the area which would go a long way to solving the issues. Unfortunately where Cosford is there isn’t much need for the rest of the year.

Attended privately, my thoughts

  • Car Parking better than in previous years. Good idea to have the Reds on midway through, although a lot thought that was it and left and missed the Lightning II Jump Jet.

  • Big gaps in the flying display, my kids and partner got a bit bored.

  • Not many military style trade stalls. But I bought a nice pair of Altbergs to fit my petit feet!

  • Lots and lots of cadets that was good to see. It seemed the whole show was ‘headdress off’ but come on folks - this doesn’t mean you can wear a pink cowboy hat in lieu of your beret! A mix of Wedgewood, WB and MTP from the cadets and staff, not sure what it was meant to be. No one wearing DPM that Incould see which was a positive.

  • Called by the RAFAC gazebo in the hangar - nice setup but out of the way with little footfall from what I could tell.

  • Liked the glider from Shawbury (I think), very friendly RAFAC Sgt who let the kids sit in whilst she demonstrated the controls.

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