Coronavirus Medal

A friend who is a CFAV in the ACF tells me there is rumour of ‘Coronavirus Medal’ being issued to those that have provided service to the nation in fighting the virus and ‘supporting the nation’ with doctors, nurses, teachers, military and other key workers being eligible. He suggested CFAV that have kept activities going virtually may be eligible. Any credibility to this or wishful thinking?

I hate to say it, but why does a CFAV deserve a medal for providing the training they would have usually done but just via Teams?


The rumours I’ve heard are that it is for front line workers in the medical field. If we are hoping to be eligible then every teacher will be, every delivery driver, supermarket shelf stacker etc. There would be so many issued that it would be meaningless. I seriously hope that CFAVs do not get one for doing VPNs.

Sorry for the mail link but these were the first two rumours I found online in the press. Interestingly both talk of a Platinum jubilee medal which CFAV are more likely to get. I did wonder whether they would do a platinum one or hold out for her 100th birthday a few years later.

Goodness me, next there will be a gold star for making your bed in the morning.


Speaking as a frontline healthcare professional… that would be wrong on so many levels. It would cause uproar and rightly so.

Virtual RAFAC work doesn’t even begin to compare with what I’ve been doing day to day.


I’d decline it TBH if they did go down that route


I hear you get medal and bar for a positive test.


Still no help to my blingless chest.


Not forgetting those who work in the kitchen and other departments to provide support to the carers

Well done for continuing your hobby during a pandemic, here’s a shiny badge

Bit of a kick to the nuts for those that have been directly affected and the healthcare workers doing stupid hours…

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A medal for having 12 weeks off work and sitting on my sofa for an hour with a laptop once week. Nice!!!



No chance of CFAV being eligible for this one and rightly so.

I doubt a proper medal will happen at all, far more likely to be a coin type “medal” that we all those who worked the Olympics got.

Either way whoever gets it other people will whinge that they have been left out.

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CFAV probably won’t be eligible for the inevitable medal when Charles takes on the top job so very much doubt this period of time will warrant a gong for CFAV


That’s the one I’m banking on to add to my bear chest :bear:

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His mum is going to outlive him, just to annoy him. No one is getting that medal


Those news articles are months old.

I think the coronavirus medal idea is dead. For now at least.

After all another million people might be elligable come spring.

Besides, how do you decide who gets a medal?

Maybe registrar level only?

Porter, chef, cleaner?

Entire NHS… and its supply chain… that’s almost 2 million people.

Might as well give every adult in the uk a medal.

Have CFAV ever been eligible for any form of medal other than Jubilee, CFM and state honours ?

I guess there will be occasions where individuals who happen to be CFAV have been awarded the likes of the George Medal etc and former regulars/ reserves that are now CFAV that wear campaign medals; but I’m talking about occasions where CFAVs have been recognised for some specific cadet related activity.

Sorry… but why the near obsession with gongs… there are other ways to demonstrate your commitment etc.

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BEM, MBE etc have been awarded to CFAV if that’s what you’re asking?

Not obsessed, just curious.

I was surprised by the suggestion that CFAVs maybe eligible and wanted to see if there was any precedent.