Coronation of King Charles III

BBC has announced the date for King Charles III coronation as 6 May. Plenty of time for planning a ‘blue presence’ for then.


I’ve already got a scheduled “pause” of about two weeks on the training program


Am seriously tempted to write directly to the Earl Marshal offering our services as a local unit, be it ceremonial or support roles, as I doubt our masters will think about it.


I wonder if the QPJM’s will be sorted by the time he ascends the Throne?

In order to sort out the next medal issues?

I do wonder what the eligibility criteria will be for a coronation medal. I have heard from a friendly source in the tailoring/medal mounting trade that Worcestershire Medals have been instructed for the design and manufacturing of it. My source had no idea what the actual requirements would be. Their is maybe 5 or so different precedents for awards of jubilee/coronation medal they could go for depending on how many they want to issue.
In nearly all precedents some cadet forces personnel would get it but question in my mind is it going to be general issue or attendees plus potentially a small sample of others like the small percentage awarded the silver jubilee.

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@Farmerdan. I hear His Grace needs a Driver………


Please don’t talk about another chocolate medal so soon. Absolutely zero point speculating.


Historically we could look at:
Important personages( Lord lieutenants, senior administration people, ADCs senior emergency services, senior judges, and other rich folk who have done useful things for the new monarch etc.).

People (particularly armed forces and emergency services) who took part in organising and delivering the coronation or other linked celebrations across the country.

Or there may be a push to use a similar criteria to the jubilee medals which have become wider and wider.

It may also be that we could go back to the precedent of Victoria where the police had their own medal. (My gut is that this is unlikely)

Personally I think we are likely to see similar criteria to the QPJM, but with a tweak to make it either stricter or more relaxed. Using the same criteria will, in most cases result in a double award and he’ll want a degree of uniqueness.

About the only thing I would put money on is that, following the announcement the Queen will also be crowned in the coronation, the medal will have both Charles and Camilla in profile on the obverse.

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He needs to move that. I’ve got a DofE exped pipelined for then.


I note that’s also Prince Archie’s birthday. Wonder how that will be spun? Will he be given a role and a declaration that he’ll be using his legal title, or will it be classed as yet another snub?

Been looking at plans for the new year, and there’s a range booking for that weekend. I guess that’s scrubbed…

Its not just the idea of needing a range, but it’s the clarity booking for vehicles, staff availability to issue weapons. My guess is its going to be another pause, and we will be instructed what we can do. (if anything).


Everybody will be banned from carrying out ANY RAFAC activity in April or May.


Ok so im not going to swear. But in the para below when i use the word “chocolate” please assume a word of your own choice.

Mother of chocolatey so and so, this chocolate coco choco situation.
We have a Silver DofE planned that weekend combined with a Sqn camp.
Unchocolatey believable.

Unchoc my life.

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Ive just emailed my staff team.
Assuming there will be a pause from 1st May to 10th May.
Anything else is a benefit at the time.

So I would guess that like the QPJ the bank holiday will get moved from the Monday to the Friday and we will get an extra one on the following Monday?

Am I just completely out of step with the world?

I don’t care.

I might watch a bit of it, just like I watched a bit of HMQEII’s funeral, I had a 30 second wobble when I heard on the radio that she’d died, but I didn’t need counselling, I didn’t stop work for two weeks, we didn’t wear black armbands or sing the national anthem around the dinner table…

I realise that I live a life somewhat cut off from other folk, and occasionally I worry that it turns me into a bit of a loner/sociopath, but I just don’t get the collective grief or celebration stuff.

I man I’ve met twice, well over a decade ago, and who wouldn’t know me from Adam, is getting promoted. There’ll be a parade 300 miles away, and it won’t make any difference to my life whatsoever.

As a volunteer, both with cadets and the scout movement, I hope that stuff like DofE troops aren’t cancelled. As a parent, I hope that DofE trips aren’t cancelled. I think it might be wise to not plan stuff for that day now it’s been announced, simply because lots of people will end up staying at home to watch it on TV, but cancelling stuff? No, absolutely not.


A bit like RAFAC involvement in the official parade :roll_eyes:


Calendar manufactueres will be pooping bricks and fuming!

The last few years has been a nightmare for them.

Why is everyone assuming a Pause? The pause for the death of Her Late Majesty was out of respect. The coronation is a celebration.

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Sorry, you must be new here…