Compulsory Poppies


I didn’t wear one last year. The sky did not fall. I still remembered


Commented? On the social media post? Not a good way to get a response.
Try emailing RWO L&SE


I thought Facebook was our official chain of communication now?


Not official, just unfiltered and often efficient.


Facebook is our official communication tool
“Ask the commandant” seems to now be our chain of command.

I do wonder sometimes when people go on about how the organisation is going down the pan, but then think its acceptable to do there own thing and badger people who have much more important things to do (and way outside there CoC), on social media and sharepoint.


I thought it was Twitter…


Annoyingly, I can’t actually find the original - I think it was on an email that I may have accidentally deleted. Best I can do is confirm that I didn’t imagine it, by quoting someone else’s WROs!


Im led to believe this is the case.


I got a response!

Thankyou for all your comments on this thread, you are right, the dress regs do not mandate that a poppy should be worn, that is your choice of course, the post was simply to show that those who do chose to wear it, do so in the correct position.

(Of course it will now take all of you about 30 seconds to work out my true identity…

I am Iron Man.)


Meh, I knew it anyway!


I have still not seen this poster sent out on the official email chain of command route.
Which ATC Facebook site was it on? I have liked most of them, but still didn’t see this!!
Surely this is important enough for the widest possible circulation?


If they can’t be @rsed to do it properly, ignore it.


Like most things nowadays, you won’t. It is online therefore it can be printed as and when required; costing HQAC nothing and the squadron loads over a year.


I realise that, but the link to the poster for me to print out if required has not come to me on my official ATC account. My beef is with the fact that only Social Media has been used to put this out, not official channels!!
Social Media should be used to supplement information sharing, not replace the official channels🙄


Not arguing to that one iota, just seems to be a way that CoC seems to put out information these days


Does it need to be sent out? It just acts as a reminder where it’ll be seen by a fair amount of people. Its not as if the information can’t be found elsewhere


So why do it?
Comes across like some troubled soul not wanting to be forgotten TBPH. Like most things associated with SM it’s all about now so FB, Twitting et al need to be kept going or in some people’s eyes you could have died.


It was making its way down the chain of WOs this week, so expect it to get lost or delayed in that process.
Some may not even bother forwarding it, given that it becomes mostly irrelevant after Sunday until next year.


Going OT a little bit, but I think that the organisation massively overdoes the whole ‘cascade’ thing.

I can see that it’s appropriate in a few cases, where some big change is happening and senior personnel should be pre-briefed before moving it down the chain - but for stuff like this why not just send it out as a corps-wide email, or even better just put it as a SharePoint announcement? (Or bring back CROs :wink: )


Exactly, surely that would be as many clicks of the mouse as it took to put on FB?
I am not against such information being placed on Social Media. But it should not replace the official channels, just enhance the distribution!