Compulsory Poppies

So this smashed its way across my book of faces feed this morning:

My question is when did wearing poppies on parade become compulsory? Is this just CACWO spreading misinformation? The regs say we may wear them. Not that we must.

"a. Royal British Legion / Poppy Scotland Poppy. The poppy may be worn from the onset of sales and until the National and local observations have concluded. Only the conventional paper poppy is to be worn on ceremonial dress and on parades (with the exception of personnel on ceremonial duties at The Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday). "

This guidance should have come out a month ago and not 4 days before the 11th.

Two points,

It was not so long ago that the wearing a poppy in RAF uniform was against the regs. How things have changed in a few short years (and it was a stupid rule).
The MTP top shown is the CS95 pattern “Barack Shirt” which if I am not mistaken is against current RAFAC dress regulations.

While I would encourage all to wear a poppy in whatever dress is worn I would not make it compulsory.


Probably three or four years ago IIRC.

The RAF decided that it looked a bit odd that the other services wore poppies on parade and they didn’t, and so changed things around and we followed suit.

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It moved from “never” to “must” at about that time.

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But it may be compliant with the v3.0 they quote on the poster but which isn’t actually available for general access yet!

I assume it’s mandatory on parade for reasons of uniformity?

But wear them in a different place, which looks odd anyway. :slight_smile:

Whatever the reason, I am certainly glad we no longer have to explain why we aren’t wearing poppies on a remembrance parade!

Also, the text on that poster is a summary; staff are expected to be au fait with the full regulations and advise cadets (and other staff) accordingly.

The regs don’t say must, they say may. They aren’t compulsory as far as I can see

Also, I imagine if someone is taking part in a Remembrance parade, they probably wouldn’t object to wearing a poppy.

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They were compulsory in v1.06 (2014) but that wording was subsequently removed/amended. It now simply mandates what style of poppy is worn on parade. This could easily be shoddy wording by the RAF of course.

I would suggest though that we should consider it compulsory for those on parade for remembrance.

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An IBN came out a few months ago stating that it was now allowed.

According to RC(N) on the CFC Ask the Team Page, it’s been approved by the RAF and will be published in 2 weeks once more pictures have been added. Almost a year since the insignia change :rolleyes:

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What is the issue? Where does it say compulsory?

Having been away for a while, I cant see an issue with encouraging cadets to wear poppies, after all we are a military youth organisation last time I looked?

Really, I missed that one, could somebody point me in the right direction. I need to re-educate one of the pace stick wielding colleagues.

This IBN malarkey is starting to grate. Either update the regs or don’t. This IBM half way house benefits no one.

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The poster says we must ‘always’ wear them on remembrance parade. The dress regs say we may. As far as I can see that poster is wrong.

I don’t agree with compulsory remembrance, and personally haven’t worn a poppy for several years. I still attend parade when I can, and have collected for the RBL. I just don’t wear them for various reasons.

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That’s because it ABSOLUTELY should not be optional on a remembrance parade to not wear a poppy - the clue is in the title of the parade “Remembrance” …again i stress I am not sure what the actual issue is here, except for people needing to bleat and moan about something… #BandWagon

I disagree. Actually turning up and parading covers you for remembering, and personally the wearing or not of a piece of coloured paper makes no difference to my ability to commemorate the sacrifice of others. I have friends who have lost people relatively recently, I’ve been on tours of battlefields and learnt history, I still make a donation to the RBL every year.

Wearing a small token on my uniform doesn’t make me any better at any of the above. However, I think it would look better if we either all wear them or all don’t.

Edited to add - the issue is one of HQAC making a poster telling us it’s mandatory when in reality it isn’t.


Has somebody told them?
(perhaps v3 makes it compulsory again!)

I commented. No reply.