Commandant’s Advisory Panel

Just want to gather some opinions seeing as Applications went out today.

Do you think the Panel actually provides a useful input for cadets or is it simply False Accountability that HQAC can shoo away

And how Can you see it developing or growing?

Impossible to know. I’ve never seen any minutes, record of decisions or other info from it.



Except I’ve heard of nothing that has come from this. They may well be doing loads of great things, and communicating well.

But where are the minuets minutes? Or the action points? I’ve seen nothing.


It may be useful, but with no feedback, minutes, reports etc published then I assume it’s pointless. If it was useful it would have some transparency.
Edit: sorry @pEp and @JoeBloggs you beat me to it!


Three of the exact same opinions in under 60 seconds :rofl: I think that speaks volumes.




Probably awaiting an FOI request.


Two aspects

First if the service users (I.e cadets) are involved in the decision making the organisation can apply for a far wider range of community grants than would be otherwise the case.

Point 2 - unfortunately the cadets selected for theses panels are very often there not to rock the boat so they don’t really help the organisation go forward, just reinforce what we already do - over 18 cadet policy is a classic example of where this has happened.

It’s a good idea from up top but its implementation by the middle causes it to fail.

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Advertised where?

Priority Announcements on portal

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I can’t speak for the other CFAVs on here, but do be aware that I haven’t received any information about this, so it’s possible your respective squadrons’ volunteers haven’t either. This is after checking my personal email, generic squadron email and our SharePoiny announcements.

An interesting application form…

Sorry, musician here, couldn’t resist… (played that for my grade 1 piano!)

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That’s a ridiculous question & don’t see how that’s relevant & sounds like someone trying to be clever.

Secondly the answer is wheels as it’s very rare for a car to have more doors than wheels (especially if you include the spare) & that’s before you start looking at bikes, clocks, ball bearings, peoples political plans & gameshows….

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Last i checked my house doesn’t have wheels, it has a lot of doors though

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Round door handles or lever door handles? Each handle normally contains a wheel for the turning motion to circle about.

This is going to need it’s own thread…

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If you log onto to SMs and then announcements it’ll show there if the announcements didn’t reach your emails.

But all the cadets will get it as a notification ping on their Cadet Portals

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Apologies - I’ll return to topic. I think it’s great idea but they need to make sure it is actually purposeful & can deliver - the current culture within the ATC does not lend itself to encouraging disruptive thinking (which we need to move fwd) to be part of the panel.

Perhaps if they expending the number of CCF panel members it would be a bit different.

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