Closure of 2523 sqn

I saw on Facebook about the closure of Linton sqn. The sqn staff said they have lots of cadets and staff so I was curious why it closed? Anyone know?

From the comments on the post it doesn’t seem like the Squadron knows why either…

Because HQAC can.


Itty Bitty Living Space

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That image reminds me I need to start planning my son’s birthday present

I knew one of the Cadets on there and they seemed to suggest it was a HQAC decision because staff didn’t want to play politics with them and jumping through useless and unnecessary hoops. Not sure how true this is though as I’m not personally involved.

If this was the case wouldn’t a large amount of units need to shut? :joy:

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I doubt this but I have seen a lot of school units closing

As I said I have no idea how true this is and I do believe they were school based so could simply be that the agreement to use the school ran out and nothing available elsewhere,

Is there a CCF detachment opening locally in a school?

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HQAC rarely make decisions like this, it will be the WHQ and RHQ who make these recommendations to HQ and usually the RC who is the decision maker.

They all just blame HQ as it is a faceless entity people can hate.


Could make a great conspiracy story about this. I find RAFACS comms so bad at times. Why not publish a short message?

School unit, low numbers, many other Sqns near

If had bigger numbers than plenty of other units kept open.