Climatic Injuries Training - Pause and Reassess Order July 2022

So apparently these videos can be a PITA to find, so thought I’d create a thread with all the links as they’re all publicly hosted videos.

RAF Heat
Heat Facts
Heat Commanders
Heat Recognise
Cold Peer Pressue
NFCI Facts
NFCI Commanders
NFCI Recognise


They really are a pain! Thanks for the links!

So just wanted to re-bump this.

Having a read through the latest IBN, 013-2022, and it says that the DVD training package has been withdrawn, and that updated training guidance will be issues shortly. Anyone know anything about this? I’ve recently delivered the training with the above videos, but am now wondering if that wasn’t meant to be the case?

The JSP and the commanders and individual guides have been updated. I’ve not been told not to use the videos but in all honesty I prefer the PowerPoints.

For a hot brief (pun intended) before an activity I use the Commanders Guide.

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Yeah, I knew about the updated guides but hadn’t heard anything about stopping using the videos, until the IBN which just mentions it in passing like it’s something we should already know! I just checked the Training Hub and the videos are still on there under mandatory training. So whoever wrote this IBN seems to know something the rest of us maybe should have been told…

And yes, pre activity brief is normally done based on the commanders guide for me too :slight_smile:

I’ve been sent the new guides, I didn’t spot any thing ref the videos do thanks for the heads up!

So are they actually available anywhere if we’re supposed to be using them?

Our TSA sent an email with the new guides on the 16th of May, along with updated 5010Cs. There was no mention of not using the videos anymore though. The only information I have RE that is in this recent IBN, as quoted above.

I just had a proper look, and they are on Sharepoint on the Safety Hub.

More updated 5010c forms?! What’s the update this time?

I think he’s talking about the LASER TSA and their ‘mandated’ climatic injuries serials that have to be put in RAs. At least, that’s my understanding.

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What redowling said. It’s just updated text on what needs to go into the 5010c. It’s pretty stupid that we have 5 pages of compulsory stuff in the RA before you even add any of your own bits.

(I want to clarify on that I don’t think the TSA is stupid, I really like our TSA. But this compulsory RA stuff is nonsense!)

Okay. So.
The IBN says:

Include climatic injury in all activity risk assessments as a standing item

The IBN also says:

Brief all personnel about Climatic Injuries (heat illness) prior to any activity where the risk assessment identifies climatic influence to be a factor

Since every risk assessment has to include an entry about climatic injury, it follows that every risk assessment identifies climatic influence to be a factor (for if it weren’t a factor, I wouldn’t include it in my risk assessment).

Therefore, I shall make sure that I include a heat illness brief at the start of every activity… even if it’s cold, wet, snowing, or in a nice temperature controlled building.

:man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:

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Or include it to show you’ve considered it but don’t find it to be a risk factor. Then you don’t need to brief on it.

Our Wing Co said the new training is a right testicle pain.
Much more time intensive than the rubbish videos.

But I did hate those videos so I won’t mourn them yet.

Just a follow on for this.

This week and coming weekend are likely to be a hot one.

There are plenty of cadet activities going on. Please take care of yourself and think of your fellow cadets and staff.

Commanders… Have a think now… Is the activity worth it? If it is, or can’t really be canx, what are you going to do to minimise heat injury. More breaks, take a sunshade/open sided gazebo, fluids intake (don’t forget, it’s not just water they need). Uniform? Is it acceptable to be in No2A all day?

Cadets. Watch your friends, be prepared. Lots of fluids (not fizzy!) Also…watch the staff. I say this from experience! We work all day, looking after you, that some of us are so blinkered by that duty, that we don’t worry about ourselves… Until we are sunburnt and dehydrated.

Have a good week and weekend and ultimately, have a great cadet experience.


Solid advice

If you don’t have a gazebo, the issued shelter sheet can be rigged up as a sun shield, it works well (even better with 2 tied together!)

You mean basha? there something else… and if issued, where do i get.

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That is the technical name for the basha yes.


Well not issued to us obvs, but they are worth having if you can find one

The new-ish type not the poncho one which is just gash