CI "Membership Cards"


What I find ridiculous is that we can’t come up with a Civvy ID that will be recognised but cadets can just walk on using a 3822. I’ve had a CI take cadets to an event and they have been his escort!





If it were simple, they’d have done it.


But someone on said camp will know.

That card will not be an accepted form of ID for Military Bases.

If I was on the gate and someone pulled that, Once I stopped laughing and picked myself up off the floor I would refuse to let them in and send them to the guard room anyway.


It is not intended to be. Was that not clear?


Probably. If I had a shred of interest.

And If it’s not ID then it’s pointless. Literally back to square 1.


Then I respectfully suggest that you stow it!


Negative. A neck this long cannot be contained by any storage unit.

And as a CI I am going to be the one to be lumbered with this and then lose it anyway.


It is optional - you can apply for one if you think you need it.
On top of that, I’m still not sure it would get you onto Lossie :wink:


I’ve just wandered onto Benson more than once without showing ID when my brother was based their, the only time I was challenged was on the one occasion I was sober after a night out! :joy::rofl::joy:


For the first time you’ve said something which I agree with.


The funniest thing about all of this is nowadays walk into anywhere vaguely business like and they will knock up a pass or card in an instant, even military establishments.

Yet here we are and it seems the use of this technology is beyond the scope of the amassed intelligence of HQAC. There are hundreds of these things available (our reception has one) and if they wanted to or were truly committed to the idea, get blank cards, make template and, send the machine, cards and templates to Wings email a picture and a few seconds later Bob’s your dad’s brother. We could all have one and if there weren’t different ones for those of us civvies in uniform and those civvies not in uniform, the RAF and everyone else would know straightway what it was and not getting confused looks from some bloke/bird on the gate. Doing them at Wing would only mean having to wait for them to finish doing their nails/hair and tea and biccies and not being sent all over the place, only to find that the picture is 0.3mm too high/wide, face in wrong place, eyes too close together, there’s a suggestion of a smile or you’ve not had it taken in uniform and the myriad of other pathetic jobsworth reasons they are incapable to producing a card.

As said cadets get a 3822 with/sans photo and that’s enough, we need loads to crap to prove who we are, if we don’t have a card.


I’ve done something similar. Left my MOD 90 in my rucksack, which was taken off the coach at AEF. I then (being the only uniformed staff member) escorted the coach driver off base to the services, then returned & was reunited with said rucksack.

Got waved straight through despite not having any ID on me.


A lot of people missing the point here. Whether this card gets you onto a military base or not is not the point, it does give CIs some form of identity.

In a couple of weeks I will be expected to “supervise” cadets selling poppies in town. The cadets will, of course, have their 3822s to confirm who they are, but I will have nothing to indicate in any way that I am not some latter day Fagin. ANY other organisation would issue its staff some form of identity (sorry, membership).

At the moment we have no uniformed (and therefore documented) staff on the squadron, unless you count the WSO that puts in an occasional appearance. That means there is not only no adult present on parade nights who can prove they have any position within the ACO (or whatever we are called this month), it also means there is no-one who can be contacted to confirm who we are. Anything is better than what we have now, which is nothing.


While I can see your point, my experience is that the only times I’ve ever been challenged/required to show that I’m a bona fide member of an MOD sponsored organisation, it’s been by someone expecting me to have a MOD90 or equivalent.

I’ve never been asked to prove my identity or role by a parent, or a random in the street - only at a guardroom, armoury, and once by the police while moving arms and ammunition. On every occasion were those doing the asking expecting me to produce an MOD issued identity card, and on every occasion have I had to disappoint them…


Why is being able to prove who you are important? If something arises, 20 Cadets saying yes, that’s Mr XYZ, he’s our staff is enough to satisfy the curiosity of the person making the enquiry. And in fact who even asks to prove your association these days? I’ve had scores of CI over the years and no one ever raised it as an issue let alone an occurance.


Why not print your own? You could even make it look more military like, rather than the one posted earlier…


Well, that’s all right then. I have never had an accident in an aeroplane, so, by your logic, that proves I, or anyone else, never will.

I shall move forwards with much increased confidence.


Why do any of us need ID cards?
Not just in the ATC but anywhere?

It seems to become an obsession in every single workplace. We first had clock cards, then we were given clock cards with photos on, then we had to make sure they were visible all the time and then we were given logo’d lanyards. All visitors have to wear a photo badge with their name, who they are visiting and a photo taken at reception.

So Cis having a card in this sort of culture is not to be unexpected. Unlikely that anyone will ask “who are you”. As I said the machines are cheap and the technology is there to make cards for people if so desired. Our Legion branch secretary knocks up cards with photos, which we wear while collecting, not all the cadets but it means staff or anyone helping is identifiable. We had a problem with ‘unauthorised’ people collecting tins from shops and doing a bunk.