CI learning drill

Should a CI learning (or relearning) drill muck in with the Cadets on parade nights or learn solo?

Absolutely no reason why they shouldn’t in my opinion

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None whatsoever. Seen it happening lots.


Just chuck them in with the cadets. They learn and it builds a better relationship with the cadets.

My baby Sgt is learning drill with my current recruit flight


I will chuck myself in then lol

I am known for filling a blank space if one presents itself and I am not better used in the Office…

…no reason why someone learning shouldn’t get involved too

Why on earth would a CI want to do drill?! Civilian instructor… there’s a clue in the name…


If they want too why not?

Go into uniform if you want to do drill, do civilian instructors that are attached to the RAF do drill? Doubt it

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a few reasons I can think of
1 - because they are in training for a uniform position
2 – they wish to learn more about the subject to better understand the Cadet experience
3 – there could a drill competition/drill display and the CI can usefully fill a gap due to a team member’s absence. (such as a former Cadet, now new CI who last month was a Cadet and would have been in the team age permitting)
4 – there is only so much drill that can be learnt solo without hitting a plateau. It is difficult to get a full appreciation of timings of movements when there is only one in the squad, how does an individual synchronise with themselves?

With that attitude why bother having civilian instructors at all? The RAFAC is a military themed youth organisation, why bother attending and maintain a civilian status?


I fully agree with this statement. I have seen too many new staff wanting to go into uniform refusing to learn with the cadets as its beneath them. Yet staff who genuinely just want to see what its all about it are ostracized because they want to give it a go.


The reason why I want to relearn drill is because I want to go back into uniform eventually (assuming I am successful in gaining a CI post of course). I am an ex CWO of the Sqn I am hoping to rejoin, but having been gone for a decade I am of course starting from the bottom again and want to ensure that I earn the respect of the Cadets properly and am competent in the basics.

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best quote on these boards this week :rofl:

you should never underestimate the self importance some people give themselves!


I have zero problem with a CI learning drill.

IDEALLY it should be taught by someone in blue but if that Sqn has no other option then crack on. Aslong as its taught correctly.

There is a Sqn in my wing that have 1 uniformed member of staff on unit so Drill is taught by a CI

In my opinion no…should be solo. The last thing I would want is cadets laughing when the CI gets it wrong and will make things altogether less professional. If the CI wants to learn drill then get a senior NCO to do some one on one. I would say the same thing if you had a member of staff going into uniform. I’m sure this won’t be popular but it’s what I think and would want the Squadron to take this line.

I’ve always worked on the principle - including when I was a cadet, when I was in the RAF, even now at work - that you can’t ask people to do something you’re not willing to do yourself.

Mucking in like this is not only a positive, it should be encouraged (though without penalty - if you don’t want to, nobody should be forcing you).


Actually I think that’s the best thing that could happen. Lots of Cadets struggle to get certain drill elements. If a staff member gets them wrong too, then it shows the Cadet we are all human, and will probably help them not worry about it and actually learn and get over it.

And why can’t Cadets and Staff have shared laugh and giggle when a Staff member gets something like that wrong, no harm at all and helps foster team work all round.


Exactly, something similar I was going to post. I’m by no means any good at drill now but I wasn’t too bad as a Cadet 'Back in the day. It’s fun to fill a space and let Cadets see that you are part of the team and not stuck behind a desk. Our Cadets see more of our OC on Facebook than they do on a parade night. But that’s a whole other post…please Don’t start sending me inboxes about it :confused:

As an OC, I’d sometimes fall in.

Let’s them all know that the boss is willing to get involved and continuously improve himself.

I’ve encouraged new staff to join in and learn too.

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Because civilian instructors can offer a different perspective and variety to the organisation and considering other cadet organisations don’t, it’s a positive thing the ATC have.

It was a light hearted comment, tongue in cheek.