ChatGPT - is there a use within RAFAC?

So bit of a Saturday night musing. I’m reading a lot about Chat GPT as a new AI writer that’s doing a good job or writing plan, media strategies & other long & complex documents quite quickly

Has anyone used it? Is this something that we could make use of?

Anyone willing to have a play & post their results?

I had played around with the idea of using it to generate leadership scenarios, but didn’t really pursue it.

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Maybe it could fill in those bloody admin order templates?


I just had a play & got this

“Write a press release for an RAF air cadet squadron awards evening”


Just had a play & asked it to generate one - not too far off but a little Americanised.


I asked it to “Write a press release for an RAF Air Cadet Wing Clay Pigeon Shooting event”

For Immediate Release:

The RAF Air Cadet Wing is proud to announce a Clay Pigeon Shooting event, set to take place on [date and location]. This exciting event will bring together cadets from across the country to test their marksmanship skills and showcase their abilities in a fun and friendly competition.

The Clay Pigeon Shooting event is open to all RAF Air Cadets, and will provide an opportunity for them to develop their shooting skills, gain confidence, and make new friends. The competition will consist of various shooting disciplines, including traps, skeet, and sporting clays.

In addition to the competition, the event will also include a range of fun activities, such as live demonstrations, hands-on training sessions, and opportunities to try out the latest shooting equipment. There will also be a barbecue and refreshments available throughout the day.

“We are thrilled to host this Clay Pigeon Shooting event for our RAF Air Cadets,” said [event organizer’s name]. “This is a fantastic opportunity for cadets to showcase their skills, develop their shooting abilities, and have a great time in a friendly and supportive environment.”

The RAF Air Cadet Wing Clay Pigeon Shooting event is a key part of the organization’s commitment to promoting and supporting shooting sports, and providing opportunities for cadets to develop their skills and interests. We encourage all RAF Air Cadets to join us for this exciting and unforgettable event.

For more information and to register for the RAF Air Cadet Wing Clay Pigeon Shooting event, please visit >[event website].

[Contact person’s name and details]

End of Release

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That’s pretty good.
Just got a convincing one asking for
“Write an RAF Air Cadet internal briefing note from HQ air cadets permitting RAF Air Cadet Squadron Commanders to carry swords on formal parades.”

It’s not far off something that would be genuine.
Sometimes with documents I find the hardest thing is getting started. Even something that would need a rewrite would be a time saver.

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Except we would never be permitted something nice like that

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SMEAC is a briefing style used by the RAF Air Cadets and stands for Situation, Mission, Execution, Any Questions and Check Understanding
Write a leadership exercise briefing in the SMEAC structure suitable for a team of 5 cadets to undertake.

Situation: You and your team of 5 cadets are tasked with conducting a leadership exercise at the training grounds.

Mission: The mission of the exercise is to evaluate each member’s leadership and teamwork skills as you navigate through a series of obstacles and tasks.

Execution: You will be divided into smaller groups and will take turns leading your team through the obstacles, while also working together to complete various tasks. Points will be awarded for effective leadership, teamwork, and overall performance.

Any Questions: Before starting the exercise, do you have any questions or concerns about the mission and how it will be executed?

Check Understanding: To ensure that everyone is on the same page, can each team member explain their understanding of the situation, mission, and execution to the group?

Hmmm almost . . .

RAF air cadets restricts L98 shooting to over 18s with enhanced DBS checks


RAF Air Cadets Take Action to Tighten Safety Measures

London, UK - The Royal Air Force Air Cadets announced today that it is strengthening safety regulations for cadets armed with the L98 cadet general purpose rifle. All cadets may now only fire the L98 rifle if they are over 18 years of age and have completed an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check within the last 18 weeks.

The enhanced DBS check requires cadets to provide evidence of police and other relevant checks. The new policy has been put in place to ensure that only those personnel who have properly registered and gone through the necessary checks may fire the L98 legally.

RAF Air Cadets understand the importance of providing a safe environment to its cadets and staff. They are committed to the highest possible standards of health and safety and the additional checks have been put in place to help reinforce that commitment.

In addition to the new safety regulations and enhanced DBS check, RAF Air Cadets has also updated its Code of Practice for Handling and Use of Small Arms, which provides further guidance on safety specification and practice as well as visual aids on handling and discharging the L98 rifle.

RAF Air Cadets are leading the way in promoting the highest standards of safety for young people eager to learn and excel in the aerospace world.

I particularly like the addition of last 18 weeks for the DBS

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The Majesty’s Air Force is pleased to announce the appointment of Warrant Officer Alex Corbin as the new Commandant Air Cadets in the rank of Air Vice Marshal.

This timely appointment follows an announcement from His Majesty that the Commandant Air Cadets position is to be conferred a two-star rank, with Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAVs) eligible to be appointed to the role.

Warrant Officer Corbin brings a wealth of experience, energy and enthusiasm to the role and is passionate about giving young people the best possible opportunities. He is committed to unlocking the potential of the air cadet movement and encouraging greater inclusivity and diversity amongst cadets.

Warrant Officer Corbin will be appointed to a Cadet Forces Commission holding the rank of Air Vice Marshal on 1st April 2023.

Warrant Officer Corbin succeeds Air Commodore Keeling who has resigned due to recent criticism on Instagram and is said to be “in perfect sympathy with the King’s idea of having Commandant Air Cadets with a two-star rank”.

The Majesty’s Air Force looks forward to a successful and vibrant reinvigoration of the air cadet experience under Warrant Officer Corbin’s leadership.


Well at least @AlexCorbin doesnt have to worry about his shirt now :joy:


Just asked it to “Write a risk assessment for an RAF Air Cadet Squadron doing foot drill on a parade night”

Pretty good although I did find this bit amusing

Never thought about that before but does make sense if it’s a dusty environment.


I did try “Write a letter to commandant air cadets from an RAFAC Squadron Commander complaining about the cancellation of the Nijmegen March due to hot weather while RIAT was permitted to go ahead”

The result was a little too accurate….


Rugby Club Opens New Clubhouse Thanks to Local Help

Dodge-Upon-Wye Rugby Club proudly announce the opening of their brand new clubhouse, following a joint effort between the local community and the 1243 (Dodge) Squadron Air Training Corps.

Rugby Club Captain John Smith declared the new clubhouse ‘a fantastic addition to our club’, praising the generous financial support of the Squadron, as well as the leadership of Squadron’s Committee Chairman John Smith in helping to bring the project to fruition.

Floodlit parking and ample space has been integrated into the final design, providing a safe and secure space for players

(Sorry, last one for now)



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Sounds like a conflict of interest there.

Think I’ve got there with it…

SMEAC is briefing tool used by the RAF air cadets to give context to a task and stands for Situation Mission Execution, Any Questions and Check understanding.

Write a SMEAC brief for a team of cadets that have to cross a simulated river using two planks & three pallets in a set period of time. the situation is an imaginary story to give context to the task & motivate the cadets in a simulated way.
As part of the execution include the resources available & the limitations of the task including any failure reasons.
For check understanding, list the questions needed to be asked of the cadets to ensure they have understood the briefing.


The scary part is the number and accuracy of the added details that weren’t given (depending on anything you might have said further up in the chat thread).

I do like ChatGPT. Doesn’t get everything right with factual elements though, but it’s awesome considering how far we’ve developed (anyone remember Smarter Child on MSN?).

I was testing its safeguards a few weeks ago by asking it for lyrics that I knew had a certain word in. It kept given alternative versions so I was getting more specific trying to get the original or a mashup I knew had the word in…

Eventually I ended up with the same lyrics it was giving, but about ten lines of “haha I’m not gonna do it” in the middle.


What I am finding with playing either SMEAC briefs you have to really understand and spell out what you mean by SMEAC in order to get the expected result.

So for Situation you have definite as an imaginative story that gives context & motivation for the task.

You have to tell it to list the resources, limitations & failures states

I’m tempted to use it in leadership training to see if the cadets can get ChatGPT to replicate what we actually use for briefing so they understand the task more.