32 ‘Have you previously served in the UK Armed Forces?’

Yes, previously served in Regular Armed Forces
Yes, previously served in Reserve Armed Forces
OR no

Well, what do we ex-RAFVR(T) officers put? @wilf_san?

I would say no imo.

The problem is that is factually inaccurate although I’m sure that’s what those who wrote the question would want…

Obviously applies to TA List B officers too (i.e. old ACF/CCF(A) officers)

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Yeah, I do know what you mean. If it was worded like ‘been a member of’ then maybe yes, but I wouldn’t say a RAFVR(T) officer as a cadet volunteer has ‘served’ in the reserves. (As much as some might want to claim…) But could argue they have ‘been a member of’. I don’t know; not an officer so doesn’t effect me just giving my 2 cents :slightly_smiling_face:

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I put no on mine for a similar reason as JoeBloggs. Not sure I would count it as served or try and claim veteran status.

You aren’t supposed to fill it in until 21st. Tut tut!

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I know plenty of ex VRT (all ex ATC staff though there must be CCF staff like this) who wear their veteran badge with no service other than VRT

Still not got my code

You can if you know who’s going to be in your house on that date. Not difficult under current circumstances.


I’m in the process to be a Non-Compliance officer - so if you don’t do the census you’ll have me knocking at your door!

‘All households should complete the census on 21 March 2021 or as soon as possible after.’ Nothing about before. That’s in bold type on the front page.

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If you need to, you can complete your questionnaire before
21 March. If your household circumstances change on
Census Day, you can let us know.

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I know a sea cadet petty officer who does that…

Anyhow what census???

:sparkles: Ta-dah :sparkles:

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Should get a letter in the next few days explaining what to do!

England & Wales only

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My Religion on the last few census forms have been Jedi

I genuinely thought that census wasn’t a thing anymore.

IIRC you can get the same benefit with 99% confidence by sampling only ~2000 people (assuming true random selection).

There’s talk about discontinuing it after this year.

I think the benefit of the granularity you get outweighs random sampling. Certainly for historians if not statisticians.


I’m not doing it this year - I rather doubt I’ll get done, the prosecution figures are miniscule - there are a couple of the compulsory questions that I’m simply not prepared to answer: health and sexuality.

My health is between me and my doctor, and my sexuality is between me and my wife.

I understand how useful this kind of information is, but - imv - that doesn’t mean that the state can force me to divulge it…