Celebrating Success / Feel Good Stories from the RAFAC

A lot of units have now returned and it’s a busy time, so share your best/favourite stories of pride and success!

Anecdotes, Social Media and News site links, photos - whatever you’ve got.

3 Rules:

  1. Positive story
  2. Positive responses
  3. Nothing identifiable that doesn’t already appear in a public source

There’s a lot of good in this organisation, so now that most are back in action it’s time to remember why we’re all here!


Very smart.


If you zoom in on the wreath, it’s Priory Foundation Academy in Lincolnshire. Good to see CCF looking smart

solid beret there and shoe string in the jumper!

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Another good image.

Good effort to that CWO, a lot of achievements shown on his brassard.


That’s a cracking brassard! I know we joke about the addition of all the badges but that does look good!


Robo-cadet. Looks unstoppable!

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Corrected that for you…

Plus QAIC…

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Ah yes.

I’m going to assume he is also a mayor’s cadet.

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One of my cadets was on her school run DofE Gold exped over summer. One of her group came down with hypothermia. My cadet took control of the situation, provided first aid, arranged for people to then take over whilst she ran a mile or so to find mobile signal. She then guided the emergency services in before rallying the remnants of the team and motivating them to complete the expedition.
Very proud of her, I remember her first day when she was nervous and wouldn’t say boo to a goose, to see the change in her (for which cadets can probably claim part of the credit) is brilliant.


Main BBC news story re today’s commemorations shows two cadets in prominence at the Aberystwyth ceremony

BBC News - Remembrance Sunday: Nation falls silent to remember the war dead

Great to see my news feed filled with cadets parading today.

Great efforts by all.


Little bit of self promotion, Remembrance Sunday last year, my incredibly premature lad was being blue lighted 3 counties away for surgery to save his life.

I managed to start volunteering again two months ago. Much against my better judgement I’m sure.

Today, we went to the squadrons parade, with him looking cute as a button.


Little legend. Already getting the cam and con skills polished I see!

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That was OC home’s decision… Dead against it at first, but it grew on me. Suits him. :rofl:

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Only a small thing.
But I was so proud of my Sqn today.
30 cadets on parade and all smart as a button.

Considering 80% are new, it is a testament to the Sqn, staff team and my cadet NCOs.

Sometimes, wish I didnt have to maintain the annonimity for here, but doesnt change the fact I am very proud of them all.

A good day.


Small success story from yesterday for me:

None of our cadets fainted!

All looked fantastic and marched really well. A proud moment after missing last year and having very limited practice time :grinning:


One shy cadet on camp really struggling… until codebreaking exercise. RAF staff VERY interested - “who are they? They’re REALLY good”. Who knows what will follow from that!


Ours were fantastic, spectacular parade and a very nice Chipmunk flypast.

One of my LCpls did faint, but as he did it last year too we were ready for him this time…

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One of the veterans came up to me after the parade yesterday and commented on how smart we looked and how much better our drill was than the Army Cadets. I usually make a point of not commenting when we’re compared with the other cadet forces, but it did make me smile given most of our cadets only joined within the past 6 months or so and I could count on one hand the number of quality drill nights some of them had before the parade.