Carol Vorderman - Group Captain (Retired)

Is someone’s legal personal life any of your business really? That’s a better question.


As I’ve said about friends and others in the past “if everyone’s consenting and everyone’s happy who I am to judge”.


Legal maybe, morally correct - Id suggest not. Most people, especially officers, don’t splash their personal lives over the press.

Are you joking? Who are you to judge whether someone is morally correct or not?

This isn’t the 1920s - anyone can discuss any part of their lives they like and should be free from judgement doing so. This is a non-story, designed to get idiots and fantasists riled up and speaking about someone in the media. From the looks of it, it’s working.


We’ll agree to disagree, people have different standards.

We have a serving Air Marshall who mows his lawn in the nude - what Carol is up to in her own time is nothing compared to that! :rofl:


This isn’t about standards. It’s about you judging a person you’ve never met on the basis of one tabloid style news article, and declaring them unfit to be a member of our organisation.

That on its own is nuts, but even more so when you consider that actually the role she has within the organisation has nothing to do with her personal relationships.


Who, the cuss, cares?


Those are your words - I didn’t ‘declare’ anything, I asked a question and you replied saying you find it acceptable. Your personal view differs from my personal view.

i fixed that for you

*I do accept this was announced on national TV (This Morning) so not is if it is hidden away and kept private.


I don’t agree with polyamory, so I don’t enter into it. Others are perfectly free to do so provided all parties are consenting adults. If she was splashing hard corps (hehe) videos online of her taking part in mass group events then perhaps you’d have a point on her not being suitable to be an ambassador for a youth organisation, but just because she’s not settling down into a monogamous relationship shouldn’t rule her out. I bet we’d lose a big chunk of our younger CFAVs if we said no playing the field in your bedroom private life.


I think I’m just too dull for the press to be interested.

Honestly who cares, disappointing there is no mention of her link to us, missed PR opportunity


Yes we are an inclusive organisation, but it definitely wasn’t the type of interview to push her links to us…

Parents care still, often in the wrong way.

CV is very good a knowing when to push her links to the org, and good on her if she’s getting her needs met.


What a terrible thing:

Confident, successful, woman lives life freely and is the happiest she’s ever been.

A terrifying message.


How dare anyone pass along a message that anything other than a normative, monogamous lifestyle is capable of bearing happiness…



So did Andy Turner survive the incident? I was told he’d been cashiered. BZ if so, he’s too good to lose.

Tricky, this one. We do hold officers, and particularly senior officers, to a higher standard. e.g. bouncing a cheque used to be grounds for your commission to be terminated (is bankruptcy still a bar to commission?) The problem is, without the universal acceptance of the rules of the Church of England (or even Christianity), what standard are we holding them to?
We are rapidly moving towards ‘what isn’t illegal isn’t immoral’ and I’m not comfortable with Parliament deciding what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour. Personally, I think less of Gp Capt Vorderman now than I did before - sadly, because I like her and her attitude to RAFAC.

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Does it affect your ability to do the job? if not, then it’s not a problem.

Bankruptcy was historically seen as a problem as it could make you susceptible to bribery, or other unsavoury influences.
If you look at the police, any instance of dishonesty, regardless of the context or the intent is grounds for gross misconduct and dismissal, because it’s anathema to the role they undertake.

Famous example: Dorset police sergeant must quit over affair cover-up - BBC News


And the key difference there with playing the field is that deception was involved.

The officer having the affair wasn’t the one dismissed. It was the officer trying to prevent the dead officer’s wife finding out.