Car insurance fun

So in the process of returning, as a uniforned CFAV this time round, with car insurance due soon I decided to look into things to make sure I’d be properly covered.

Last time round as a CI I didn’t need to upgrade the policy as a volunteer but as that was over a decade ago and having worked in the insurance industry in the past knowing how they like to avoid paying out I thought it a prudent move.

As a volunteer not in receipt of VA, but receiving mileage reimbursement, the insurance confirmed I would need business cover. This would be the case for any volunteering if anything other than mileage was being paid.

“Damn!” I thought this could be expensive but hey VA will cover it along with HTD so started to get a revised quotes. Price dropped by 400 quid 🤷

I would love to know how they deem it lower risk.

Yep, especially when I was a young driver I found that adding business use reduced my premium by hundreds of pounds. Bizarre!

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dropped by £400???

I can’t remember when I last paid £400/year for car insurance…must have been when I was “reckless” in my 20s driving!

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I have my eldest on the policy as well until they finish University, being a meanie I get 2 quotes, one based on just me and one for both of us and she pays the difference.

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Regardless of role within the RAFAC if you are to carry other RAFAC passengers you need business insurance.


Adding business has always added a fairly large chunk of cost onto my insurance, which I can’t afford

So I refuse to do it unless I can claim it back which I’m never allowed


It’s never cost me anything to add it on but then it’s never got me a discount either. I’ll do two quotes next time though, without and then with, see if it makes a difference :wink:

Direct line include business insurance as standard

As do Aviva

Got caught out insuring with Direct Line many years ago so will not use them.

Useful to know cheers

Some insurers believe adding business means you need your car for work so are less likely to risk losing the license or car; therefore, you’re a lower risk.

Surely though the problem with not adding business use to one’s insurance is that when using the car for RAFAC purposes - which is not social, domestic, and pleasure use - you are then driving outside of your insurance cover.
Certainly your cover would be invalidated and any claim would land you in trouble, but (this isn’t my area) would the law consider that to be driving without insurance?

I’d agree it leaves you in the poo if challenged. The police would ring the insurance company for clarification on if you are covered or not as their database doesn’t show enough detail for them to know from an ANPR or similar.

As a hobby is there not an argument it would be covered by social or pleasure?

As I say, it’s not my area, but I fancy it might not.

It seems to vary from insurer to insurer, only did a quick google so this may not be the most up to date:

Interesting - Admiral advised me (several yrs ago) that I needed to specify biz for RAFAC volunteer driving. That said, they haven’t charged me anything (or for a family member who works for a “blue light” agency & has to attend biz meetings at different locations).

I asked Aviva when I moved over and they said that it was covered under SD&P but I get business added on for no extra charge so did that to satisfy the RAFAC (especially as it cost no extra).

But it does seem that SD&P would cover it with some insurers being informed and others not worrying.

So stipulating that everyone has to have business is likely a knee jerk reaction to a bad experience…

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It was Admiral that told me today if I was a volunteer only receiving mileage reimbursement then that was fine and I could keep the policy as SD&P, but any other ‘payment in kind’ meal allowance and such then business use would be required.

As it works out cheaper anyway it’s a no brainer really and is one less excuse for they can’t use.

Car insurance seems to be a bit of a gamble. This year, Direct Line’s quote for me as an existing customer was ~50% higher than it had been last year (it would have been my 4th yr with them); making a quote as a new customer was more than double last year’s price. Admiral were cheaper than I paid last year :man_shrugging: