Can civcom remove an OC?

If there is an OC of a squadron who has shown to be incompetent or simply not doing things with accordance to ACP 1, can they be removed by the CivCom?

not that im aware of, the idea of civ coms is they dont get involved with the actual management. Normally being relieved of command is a OC Wing and above decision.

But could raise a complaint to wing/region, or if you feel the Cadets are at risk of harm as a result, a safeguarding notification to HQAC. With further guidance here:


The Civ Com cannot remove an OC, but what the Chair and in particular if there is a vote of no confidence in the OC, can do, is to raise the issue with the Wing Chair, OC Wing and WExO, if nothing happens then they can raise it with the Regional chair.

The RAFAC don’t want a reverse of the 863 Squadron debacle.

If I’m correct, the OC squadron’s extension has to be signed by the Civ Comm chair. If they decline the OC cannot continue. Is this part of ACP11?

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Exactly this. If the CWC believes the OC to be doing things otherwise in accordance to policy, they should raise it with OC Wing or the WExO. If they believe it’s dangerous then they have an obligation to. And if OC Wing/WExO aren’t interested, I’d suggest speaking to the Wing Chair, or going up to region/HQAC.


Sorry, I have tried to do a bit of research about this but cannot make head nor tail of it. Please can you summarise the 863 issue?

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That’s exactly what I’m wondering. I’ve read through quite a long email chain released as an FOI request and the impression I get is that the civ com made lots of red tape for squadron staff to access funds (an example given is an AT expedition), at some point the chair got suspended, the chair then seemingly invited all the cadets perants to a presentation which they delivered to smear the squadron staff; imply the staff were breaking the law; suggest using squadron funds to take legal action against the squadron staff and throughout sprinkled a few facts and legal terms to make it seem convincing. Then a police investigation against the squadron OC is mentioned. If someone could fill in the gaps that would be great!

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Yes I also looked through that FOI chain, admittedly not as in-depth as @cdt1 though.


This is a pretty long one, and would derail this thread massively! If you are interested have a search on this forum…


Not a thing.


Start here

It is pretty much become legendary (particularly when you read all the FOI).

Needs to be read in its entirety to fully appreciate the magnitude of the fall out (see you in 5 days :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


Aren’t any extensions anymore

As stated not a thing & as Civcoms at Sqn level are ear -marked for being dissolved there will likly be even less credence given to any Civcom vs OC issues.

If the OC wing think they are doing a good job then they will stay & the Civcom can either acquiesce or resign.


At 863, the civ com went rogue and caused a heap of trouble, with the legal eagles involved, local police, threats of legal actions. I mentioned the Corps don’t want that in reverse, with an OC going rogue.

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When was the possibility of disolving civcom at sqn level decided? Whats the thought/logic behind it?

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Its been decided for a long time…just working through the detail.

Logic ultimatly boils down to impending exempt charity status legislative changes that puts us in a really grey area.

They aren’t technically being dissolved AFAIK, but being removed from trusteeship and financial control in terms of account access and payment authorisation.

There will still be committees to manage and raise funds on the ground.

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hmmm i would check ACP11 again


f. When forming a squadron or a detached flight, finding suitable accommodation in consultation with the Wing Commanding Officer, Unit Commander and other adult staf

i. When a replacement is required, assisting the Wing Commanding Officer in finding a suitable person to command the squadron.

although i recognise that is not management it is involvement in who should be managing

To answer the OP question

not directly

the Squadron Committee also have a duty of care to the cadets, and to a lesser extent to the staff on the Squadron, and are to keep a watchful eye on cadet and staff morale, ensuring that the conduct of the uniformed staff is conducive to fair and equal treatment of all Squadron members. Should Squadron Committee members become aware of behaviour they feel is not in keeping with ACP 1 or ACP 4 particularly if there are concerns about bullying or harassment, they are to alert the Squadron Commander, via their Chairman, of these concerns. It is not for the Squadron Committee to take action other than to bring their concerns to the attention of the uniformed staff, unless, of course, Child Protection is at stake, in which case they should follow the published procedures for reporting such concerns. If there is no response to the request for a change in behaviour, the Squadron Chairman should elevate his or her concerns to the Wing Chairman and he/she will raise the issue with the relevant OC Wing.

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