Can a staff cadet hold a wing position?

Could the “cadet” have been allocated the Dep WWO role account but be the Wing CWO?

You could have an actual Dep WWO / Sector SNCOs who can be reached via their personal accounts.


The only issue I’d have with a Staff Cadet holding a Wing Post is the short amount of time they are with us.

Congratulations, we’re keeping you on as a Staff Cadet . . .
A few months later - Congratulations on appointment to Wing Role
. . .
A few months later Staff Cadet goes to uni or a year or so later age out.

Same risk applies to CFAVs …
new job causes them to leave.
New baby causes them to leave


This made me think. Appointment of CIs to wing roles by exception only. No such rule for staff cadets.

Value the volunteer…

Not entirely, Staff Cadet leaving is a certainty within 2 years. Sure some will stay on as CFAV but not all.
CFAV’s getting new jobs or other life circumstances happen, of course, but they aren’t a given.

This is exactly where my thinking went. It’s a way to get a nominated senior cadet on the team with an email account and Bader access.

It’s not unusual to have sector NCOs or other geographically defined “deputies”, so I don’t think there’s an issue with support to the WWO role here if there nominated CFAV acting in support roles.

The issue is this needs to be stringently defined in DWWO TORs and communicated to all CFAV to avoid any mishaps with the cadet receiving something they shouldn’t.

This is exactly what happens in my wing.

At least it’s something you can plan around though. And if the cadet is staying in that wing and wants to go on as a CFAV, why not?

WWO should always be a DI 100%


And the one thing not factored in is mobility for such a cadet, if they have a car, could they claim travel expenses or subsistence?

Not so sure of a staff cadet being in a wg position (specified post normally allocated to CFAV).

Acting as a mini-deputy is all very well, but there is a (to me) a higher level of responsibility for such roles - including, if necessary, comms flowing downwards to sqns may well be “difficult” - what if the staff cadet has to issue orders, or even a “tsk, tsk, you got it wrong” message?


Its the Sir/Ma’am lets go for a little walk type of conversations that Wing positions need to do that wouldnt be appropriate. SME roles lome cyber or radio will be fine its just decision making roles it wouldnt


My suggestion was that there are CFAV that don’t have the dep account that are deputising.

I’m not saying at all that a cadet fulfils a traditional example of the responsibilities usually inherent to their email account.

New RAFAC Sgt/RAFAC PO may have seem much if they were CI’s for a time beforehand, agree slightly different perspective but may have seen lots as I did in the 10 years before I donned a uniform.

That’s completely valid. I meant a new RAFAC Sgt as in someone who has just crossed from Staff Cadet to CFAV. But yes, you’re 100% correct! :slight_smile:

My main problem with Wing CWO is dependent on the Wing depends on how much coverage do they actually get. It would be easier by sector having a Sector CWO for each sector that shadows the Sector Commander on Wing parades etc but like some Wings (not mine) if you are in Leeds you could be covering Sheffield too as Wing CWO, the roles and responsibilities need to be more clearly defined

Question is ado they have a car etc and are they eligible to claim mileage rates for such a thing.


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I think this is definately a good one as there are definately lots of aspiring cadet photographers who can take some awesome pictures. Would be a good way for them to put that into action. Then again that also includes all the security stuff and blurring relevant faces so there are pros and cons to it

Thats where the difficulty comes in as on a camp they can travel to the destination but can’t use the their vehicle for cadet related activities so at a guess I would say no