Can a staff cadet hold a wing position?

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I’ve seen there is a staff cadet who is dep WWO for their wing, and I was wondering if a staff cadet can hold other wing appointments.


Yes they can. I’d say dep WWO is an odd one for them to hold thouogh…


What type of roles could they hold in your opinion?

Because they are still defined as ‘cadets that can take on a staff role’ I think there are limits. Not because of what they are capable of, but because of how they’re defined in policy. For example, they probably can’t take on a role where they are signing off RTL activities such as Wing Shooting Officer.

My reasoning for thinking dep WWO is odd, is that the WWO is often involved in things like interviewing staff for promotion boards, or recommending staff for things like DI courses. Being the deputy essential means doing the same as the WWO when they’re away. I think a cadet being involved in saying yes/no to CFAV on things like that is a bit strange.

Also, IMO, a WWO should really be a DI as minimum. This isn’t something cadets can do. Again, not because of capability, but because of how we define staff cadets.

Completely agree that they should be a DI - but with the new staff cadet DI courses, this may be a possibility!

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I’d say Deputy WWO is the perfect role for a Staff Cadet.

It doesn’t hold any risk to life responsibilities (no one was ever killed by an unpolished parade shoe), it’s about policy, training and implementation something that the right Cadet could be all over.

Many Wings already have a Wing CWO and that role could very easily be converted to Deputy WWO.

My old wing even has the Wing CWO sit on CWO appointment boards.


Would it be okay for a Staff cadet to hold the WWO role? Forget the deputy bit.

Wing CWO, yeah, great idea. Should a cadet hold the senior NCO position in a wing? No, not really.

IMO a deputy steps in and does the full role when required, and I don’t think a staff cadet should be the WWO.

When I was reading @JoeBloggs reply I was thinking exactly this. I would say the WWO is typically not going to miss a staff board, but other aspects could easily be deputised by a Staff Cadet. Especially a CWO, one who has reached the pinnacle of their cadet career and has “seen everything”.

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But they’ve not “seen everything” as a CFAV.* Which is really what you need in a good WWO? A deputy realistically needs to be able to step in and do the role of the primary. I think a wing CWO is great, and can take on some roles. But not deputise to the WWO fully…

*The same as a new RAFAC Sgt hasn’t seen much, even if they’re an ex-cadet. I don’t think they’d make a good WWO :man_shrugging: I think it’s a nuanced role that take a fair bit of experience as a CFAV.

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what about other wing roles?

  • Wing Aerospace Officer
  • Wing Sports Officer
  • Wing Social Media
  • ASPIRE Rep

All of these pose different challenges…

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I’ll admit, I don’t see a lot of behind the scenes, if only we had a WWO here to say if it’s possible or not :joy::joy:

I can see your side, probably a lot more to it that I haven’t been exposed to.
Perhaps the deputy WWO position is similar to a wing CWO? Just occupying a different slot.


The issue for me is we’re saying ‘dep WWO’. I’m thinking that is someone who steps up to the full roles when the WWO can’t be there. Others are seeing the dep bit as more of an assistant role. When ever I think can someone do the dep X role, it should be seen as can they step up to do the full role. By definition, deputy is " a person who is appointed to undertake the duties of a superior in the superior’s absence."

For example our WATTO recently had his DBS expire before he’d applied for a new one, so was out of action for like, 2 months. That meant the dep WATTO stepped up. Same idea.

So when it comes to WWO, should a cadet be organising and running promotional boards? No. Sitting on one as wing CWO? Yeah, sounds like a great idea! Do I think a cadet should be running the annual staff SNCO conference? No. etc etc.

A staff cadet, CWO, as a ‘junior’ WWO, or just call it wing CWO is great. But dep WWO I just don’t see as working well.

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I think this might be the bit where we are looking at it in different ways.

I’m in more of the “assistant to” camp I guess. It’s how it kinda works in my world. I dealt with PPE and all the first aid kits etc in my last posting. I had a “2IC” who’s functional job was doing the sum total of nothing whilst getting appraisal points.

But yeah, now I’ve seen that experience written down, absolutely agree.

Take what I’ve said back, bad idea to be deputy WWO as a CWO.

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But yeah, it’s all about definitions! :slight_smile: Maybe adjutant WWO? :thinking: Because by definition an adj isn’t ‘next in command’ as such! It’s more a ‘of service’ term rather than someone who takes on the role.

This could turn into a semantics nightmare…

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Do you think the role of a wing Aerospace Officer could be done by a staff cadet? The ToRs make it out to be a game of excel jenga…

Are you by any chance interested in the current Kent Wing vacancy? :stuck_out_tongue:

But AFAIK the Aerospace role is pretty much an admin based role? Liaising with AEFs/VGSs/region staff to sort out allocations. Keeping inventories of what simulators etc squadrons have. Advising squadrons on setting up simulators/drones etc. Yes, that seems like something a suitably competent staff cadet could do. I may be missing something out of ignorance though?

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Absolutely not! wrong end of the country for me :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think SME roles, as long as they aren’t RTL subjects, staff cadets should be able to fill as long as they’re qualified enough. I feel a staff cadet could very easily hold something like wing radio officer.

Depends on how you write the ToR’s and how the Primary Post-Holder runs things. I personally don’t agree with Deputy Post-holders being the replacement in waiting, being the person the Primary can work with to get the job done doesn’t make you suited to take in the role.

As a WATTO I did away with my deputy completely and shared the assisting jobs out amongst a number of people. If I wasn’t around the job would’ve fallen upwards to the Senior WSO I reported to.

Previously as a Deputy DofE Officer the primary post holder effectively divided the job up, I took the Expeds and he took the other 3 sections and the Admin side.

I don’t see that a Deputy WWO would necessarily be the person to step in if the WWO was away for a period of time. My Wing had Sector SNCO’s so no reason why one of them couldn’t step in as WWO if needed.

The behind the scenes stuff is mostly people not being able to adult.

See above. Id say nope however i encourage at least a CWO within my “team” need to hear the noises from the Cadets

What i would say, is there always a lot of noise of we dont see our WWO etc. As much as I try to get out and about as much as possible, its hard with circa 20 Sqns. Wing meetings, regional WO meetings, training weekend end planning etc then prioritising the Sqns you need to visit for a reason etc. What i have come to learn and try to communicate is, if you dont see me, thats a good thing but i will try my hardest to atleast communicate with everyone.