Cadets with number 1's

Before i begin i would like to mention that cadets are only allowed to wear number 1 uniform of appointment of certain events.

But… i was wondering whether you think with how the organisation is going if cadets should be issued number 1 dress (not directly from the RAF) but from other sources. I think that for a ceremonial view it looks better (i also like number 2 FULL).

Or issued a number 1 aircrew jacket just for cadets.

Or that people participating in ceremonial duties such as drill it would look smart.

Do you think it would be a good idea?

It would be nice if it was sustainable, but the cost and effort it would take to keep growing cadets in properly-fitting No1s simply rules that out in my opinion.

No1 Dress is for looking smart in. Smart No2 dress looks better than gash No1 dress.

Surely it is going in the opposite direction.


It would be great, but it would cost!

Though, the Sea Cadet Corps raises enough funds to issue every sea cadet with No1 and every Royal Marines Cadet gets a set of blues.
I seem to recall that they are entitled to a new set every year.

That is true, and not all cadets would know the correct way on how to keep number 1’s

do we not have the funds to fit all cadets?
not even with part worm number 1’s?

In short, no we don’t.

It is a shame, it would look amazing if we all did

Yeah, it is a shame. Especially when parading alongside the RMC. They look bloody smart in their blues.

Though, we’re not as badly off as the ACF whose cadets often still have to parade in MTP.

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with the way it is going i cannot see the logic in this statement - there is even less reason to put Cadets in No1s than ever

without a doubt, but that doesn’t mean it will happen - we can’t get No2 uniform to fit for all, the “smartness” of No1s is only valid if it fits correctly.

pointless. the jacket and trousers of No1s are a different material shade and style to No2s, a No1 jacket can only be matched (and thus worn) with No1s trousers.

but only on the ground of looking smart - which is not a big enough justification. far too many negatives to consider

extra cost of another uniform - now I am not saying that the MOD/RAF or RAFAC pays for it, or even the individual, it could be sponsorship, but the money has to come from somewhere.
then there is stores - what happens for the other 50-51 weeks of the year No1s uniform is not worn? handed to the Cadet in the hope they look after it?
kept in already limited Squadron Stores (30+ Jackets don’t fit in a shoe box)
there is also the need for SD hats - these very readily look gash if not kept tidy and stored neatly.

practicality - it will create a nightmare in terms of badges. firstly it would create a panic to sew badges on to the tunics to reflect what individuals have achieved. secondly we struggle to get the badges for a brassard as it is, getting a second set for a 2 hour event once a year is wasteful

I also predict that due to the above some will go without creating an “us and them” feel between Squadrons simply because one unit has room in their stores/a CFAV with a spare shed/garage to store the uniform while the other chooses to stick with No2 (Consider the transition to MTP and you see how some units kitted everyone out, while others struggled to get a single full set)


We sometimes put our cadets in (Army) No. 2 dress so basically the same thing. When done properly it looks really smart, but there are some instructors who just don’t seem to care enough to do it properly. You then put them at an event where someone else is wearing properly sized and outfitted No. 2 dress and the difference is obvious.

I have no problem doing it for senior cadets as private purchase, but outfitting an entire detachment in it would be very costly. Personally I would like us to be issued with some kind of barrack dress. Hell, a barrack shirt and a jumper would do look much smarter on parade.

Why not? I’ve never seen the need to keep a cadet’s 2s in the stores while they aren’t being worn. If they can’t be trusted to keep it neatly in the wardrobe they can’t be trusted to wear it properly.

We don’t even have the funds to provide all the PTS badges to cadets who earn them!


Some also have number 2’s whilst some parade in greens, it doesn’t look nice.

If it is a private purchase item, who would be acceptable to wear it and when?

Surely if we give it a few years, when the PTS badges get issued out, as it came out just over 2 years, we could then possibly consider issuing number 1’s?

This is very true i am still waiting to get 4 badges, which i privately purchased because our wing have no badges.

Never ever going to happen.

Even at a rock bottom price of say £300 a set (finger in the air figure here) for 30,000 cadets would come out at 9 million pounds. Its likely to be MUCH more than this.

There is more of us than there are in the RAF so part worn really isnt an option.

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Or to provide No 3 uniform, which would be far more useful.


and that could be 9 million pound put into the organisation instead

Some squadrons also have to befriend the ACF to get some never mind issue them themselves. but CS95 is still an option, which not all cadets like or would want to wear.

this is my point precisely!
we see Cadets who clearly don’t hang up their No2s between Parade evenings, which for a suit is a basic, how can we trust them to look after No1s when there isn’t the trust based on how they treat No2s?

in terms of formal/ceremonial occasions, private purchase items (stable belt as an example) are not permitted to be worn…as such would not be permitted #irony

Do you think there should be a RAF Air Cadets stable belt (out of curiosity)

Stable belts aren’t permitted as they’re not a formal item of uniform, not specifically because they’re privately-purchased. Notably, most CFAV SNCO No1s are privately-acquired and only really used on formal parades…