Cadets Smoking

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Sorry to start a new thread, cant find anything online or anywhere on this forum regarding smoking so have resorted to asking you guys.

We have a few Cadets on our Squadron, one is over 16 and rest is over 18 who smoke. I don’t personally have a problem with cadets smoking as long as it is within the law and if they want to smoke then It should be done discreetly with uniform covered and when on a break in the squadron.

But, we have a few problems where some staff say it is ok and fine to do and others do not allow it. Even attending some activities or camps and being told that they cant smoke. If people want to have cancer sticks and want to smoke then that is their decision and I think it is unfair when some Cadets are being messed around especially when its an addiction. yes I know there is a line between addiction and social smoking.

My question is, is there any formal document stating about regulations on Cadets smoking - uniform or not? As I know the law states that over 18’s are ADULTS. and I believe the law states that over 16’s can smoke but not purchase.

ACP 20 Personnel Regulations is the pace for this query, the same applies for all CFAVs in the presence of cadets.

So it’s up to your OC to set a clear policy what they want cadets to do if they decide to take berets off and wears coat. Do they walk off the land at break or can they smoke somewhere discrete?

I have a very clear no smoking policy on the unit premises, this applies to cadets and staff. Obviously staff have the option to go off the premises if not physically engaged in training cadets. (Whereas cadets can’t go off, so it is in edmffect a ban on cadets smoking on parade evenings).

On camps I assess it based upon where we are and what we are doing, but generally the no smoking policy remains in effect. (Especially since the law varies depending on where you are in the UK).

So if over 18 cadets wasn’t in the presence of adults then it’s ok?

And reply to yours, if the cadet was over 18 and staff cadet, they can go off premises and do the same at break?

It just doesn’t all make sense, I find how we as staff can smoke but over 18 cadets can’t? I can understand if they were under 18.

I would also rather cadets be permitted to smoke rather than sneaking off not knowing where they are so they can smoke. it doesn’t cause an issue to anyone as its their choice

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Not on a parade evening, we are on a secure compound so once cadets are in, they are in.

But it’s ok for staff to leave the building?

It’s exactly the same as drinking, if you are on camp cadets are not permitted to drink it doesn’t matter what age they are. Staff are permitted to drink on camp as long as they are not in front of or responsible for cadets.

I have a very clear policy from day 1, cadets know what it is from the age of 12 so they don’t have an issue with it when they are 18.

It’s actually been a very long time since I’ve had a cadet who was a smoker (at least that I’ve been aware of).

Staff have the codes so it’s possible for them to get themselves in and out, cadets do not irrespective of age or rank.

Hmm I see where your coming from. I think it is very unfair how it’s not ok for mature over 18 year old cadets who are legally adults. I really think there should be a change in policy all round that they should be treated more like staff and actually as adults.

Why is our organisation the only organisation where you can be a cadet until the age of 20 but the ACF aged 18.

Remember it is not so long ago that if you were a CWO you could stay on as a cadet until you were 22! I suspect that the upper age limit will come down to 18 soon so as to come into line with the ACF and cure (in HQAC’s eyes) the issue of adult cadets…

At the end of the day, if they don’t want to play by our rules, then they don’t get to play at all. Like Daws said, the same thing is in place for drinking alcohol and that is the policy. I too enforce a no smoking ban on the unit with staff and cadets - if that is something that is going to preclude them from being a cadet in the ATC, then they are welcome to leave…

I treat the cadets who are old enough as grown ups. As long as they put a jacket on and take the beret off and do it off the premises I don’t mind. It’s this kind of treatment which makes them think, he’s alright and I might stay around for a little longer.

Does anyone else remember an edict (it may have been just a local wing thing), it must have been at least 6 years ago, that no-one was to smoke within the vicinity of an air cadet building? This was baically no smoking within a compound - I don’t remember the exact wording but is caused some consternation amongst the smoking staff of the Sqn I was on at the time.

Yeah, I remember that coming out. Can’t find any record of it now though.

Surely drinking on camp (off duty) is up to the CoC, I don’t recall ever seeing anything in regs preventing staff cadets from drinking.

It’s in ACP20 under Alcohol Policy. It basically says they can’t except at social functions with the prior written consent of OC Wing. Will look for the exact quote later.

Fair enough, I never really got much of a look at the new ACP20