Cadet version of the GPJ - opinions?

Not thinking about the logistical side of these things, just the idea/uniformity of it.

What would you want it to look like/include?

How about looking like the Geltex jacket, and being in fact identical to the Geltex jacket?


I’d have no problem with cadets using the current GPJ or in fact, the MVP jacket. Logistics notwithstanding.


I would like to see cadets in the GPJ.
If the working blues shirts goes, then why nit have wedgewoods and GPJ? Attach a brassard to the it and it’s cadet identifiable. It could make there more variety in the uniform. Or make it a private purchase item?

That would look gash


You were obviously born too late.

Build a time machine and go back 10-15 years where most “senior” cadets wore GPJs. Can’t get away with it now as social media gives the game away.

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Why do we need more variety in the uniform?

I really don’t understand any perceived need to add extra types of uniform, when we don’t even get issued No 3s

This exactly

The air force are going away from allowing private purchase to increase uniformity so we should also.

The priority over any extra bits of blue kit is the issuing of No3. If we were issued that then I’d be more open to concepts but until then I’ll continue to be against them

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Production of GPJs would have to… it would be over doubling, wouldn’t it? If you wanted every cadet to have one that is.

It’s like No. 1s; it’d be nice for cadets to have them but it doesn’t seem feasible.

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That’s pretty much the opposite point of uniform, though.


Yes and costing the same with the same nato stock number please.:joy:

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I wouldn’t object to the new jeltex being issued to cadets. It’s awful but a bit better than the one we have.

i have no idea why there would need to be a different version of the GPJ to make it “Cadet identifiable” so many reasons why this is not required.

everything else we wear, save the beret badge and brassard (and CFAV rank slides) are identical to the RAF so why have a different jacket?
there are two serviceable jackets available (GPJ and geltex) which do the job, why do we need one only available to the Cadets??

this is how I have mine, and yes it still fits neatly as it did in my days as a Cadet Sgt

what you need to take in to account is the cadets on raf bases

Everybody’s already wandering around in RAF uniforms on bases. Would a jacket change that much?


as i understood it the “ban” on Cadets with GPJs was to stop demanding of kit/pinching of kit from the RAF for some kids wearing it twice a week. Not because they don’t suit Cadets (although small Cadets would struggle to find a GPJ to fit) or because Cadets wearing them upsets people

Same argument carries for all uniform though, Shirley?

Yes, but the cost difference for what was, at the time, the new gucci bit of kit is more significant.
I’m sure the same argument and reasoning applies to the MVP jacket (along with the fact hat they have many many old PWS Jeltex still to distribute)

Not really, as we’re scaled for most of the rest of the uniform (with the obvious exception of No 3)

I would love for them to be available to Cadets now, back in my day (I sound soooo old only 2001-2007) Cdt NCO’s were permitted to wear them on Sqn and off but not to formal events, whether that was within the dress regs I have no Idea, we didn’t have easy access like you do now to them. It was seen as an NCO privilege to be able to wear them. Bring them back !!