Cadet Sports in Public Locations

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Wondering if anyone more experienced and knowledgeable than myself can help me to understand something.

I want to conduct the RAF fitness tests with my cadets, to help them to baseline themselves against the current standards. We’re not able to get access to treadmills for the 2.4km run, so I am looking to organise this to take place on the streets of the town. I hold a current UK Athletics running coach licence.

Is anyone up to date with what permissions would be needed for this? I’m presuming that there’s no need for a TOPL application, as the land is public, but I know that on some occasions where I’ve assumed this to be the case I’ve been wrong.

Unfortunately the Physical Training orders aren’t the clearest on the subject.

The RAF Fitness Test hasn’t included a 1.5 mile (2.4 km) run for years. It’s either a multistage fitness test (MSFT, commonly known as a bleep test) or Rockport walk, followed by push ups and sit ups.

My poor explanation; I’m looking just at the entry standard fitness tests listed here:

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My apologies. I forgot the PJFT was different and is, of course, far more relevant for potential recruits.

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I am sure that there is still a stop on air cadets doing the RAF FT. I will hunt SharePoint for it and update with a link.

We came a cropper of not knowing we wernt allowed to do it even though we had an RAF PTI running the session.

Yeah im confident it was a no no

Ok, I understand. No RAF fitness test 2.4km.

I’ll just organise a 1.5 mile time trial instead!


There was an IBN on this which IIRC paused the bleep test. I am unsure on timed runs, probably need to speak to your wing sports officer.


A ban on the RAFFT, which is a MSFT / Rockport walk for serving personnel, is not the same as a ban on the PJFT, which is for civilians interested in a career in the RAF.

The PJFT is the RAFFT though, the standards they look for and the methods of testing the fitness are the same, so I’d be wary using any terminology that looks like it’s the same thing.

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So I’ve checked through the IBN index as far back as the beginning of Covid and can find nothing that says we cannot do fitness assessments.

That said, the comment above about the bleep test being banned does ring a bell.

I’m lost now. Someone said the PJFT was a 1.5 mile (2.4 km) timed run, which is not the same as the RAFFT: a MSFT (bleep test) or Rockport walk.

The RAFFT can be done with either a 2.4km run (either on treadmills or not) or a bleep test, followed by press ups and sit ups. The RAFFT table contains both measures - the timeslot and the bleep levels required.

They typically use one or the other for different stages, but that’ll a- be about logistics of any given location, and b- interchangeable at different stages of selection and application.

I did all 3 versions within my application / selection / training and service time.

Let’s bring this back on track - what permissions/paperwork is needed to deliver on-the-street sporting activities?

Whether a specific activity can or cannot be delivered, I’m happy to check that later.

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I’ll have to check with our Wing PTI, as I haven’t been offered the 1 5 mile (2.4 km) run option since I transferred over from the Army (where we did have both options). I might have to thank you if it turns out I can do the run, as I much prefer it (it’s so much easier to train for: just do a Parkrun and halve the time).

It was by email from TSAs, not an IBN, and titled

STOP NOTICE - Physical Testing / Bleep Test/ Timed Runs

24 Feb 2020

AFAIK permission to resume has not been granted.


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And where is that email stored in an official accessible manner so that someone who didn’t receive it (not a CFAV at the time/not holding a role account/not included in a distribution list) or who lost it in a myriad of spam can be aware of the current situation?

It’s nowhere, once again putting HQ at real risk of significant criticism by coroners if a staff member who didn’t get the email runs the activity and something goes wrong


“Activity carried out, with reference to a twice-photocopied email, handed to me by the Sqn OC…”

Someone pop it up the chain for questioning. If we cant do it, needs to be a firm STOP listed as an IBN (temporary/quick notification) and then into policy (permanent instruction)…

And followed by incorporating onto the sports manual so easy to find and understand

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I’m sure there have been many ‘timed runs’ at various Wing / Regional / National athletics meets since February 2020.