Cadet Portal Welcome Emails

How often does cadet portal send out the welcome emails.

Is this function still working.

5 new cadets this week. None received email yet.
All emails correct and spam checked.

Is this an ancilary issue to the bader fall over we suffered?

There was something on the bader teams channel about this. Think the guidance was contact helpdesk and the team will pick it up.

@themajor might know more

or manually send out the welcome email if you don’t think it’s been sent?

Also, super unhelpful thread title. lol

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Busy job. In a rush. Sue me.

I got mine in August. I have no idea if it’s changed since then, I’m probably not helpful, lol

@Paracetamol it should be fairly quick AFAIK, as in, less than 24 hours.

Does using the ‘resend welcome email’ button work? If not, might want to email the helpdesk. I’ve had to email a couple of things recently and had a quick and positive responce :slight_smile:

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Can you ask the cadets to try the forgotten password option (that’s what the welcome email actually directs them to) you will need to provide them their username.

If you can let me know, that will help narrow down if it is an email issue or an account creating issue.

Handy dandy reset password link :smiley:

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Our intake seem to have problems and we resent a fair number but I don’t think all of them.

Email was then received in minutes (for those with signal / data allowance)

So based on this anecdotal evidence there “may” be an issue.

I agree, we have to either ‘resend’ the welcome email for the vast majority of our recruits,
or even temporarily

  1. change the email address to ‘my rafac address’
  2. Get the login details
    and then
  3. Change it back to the cadet email address
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You can see the login number on the “User Accounts” page on SMS.

No need to get the welcome email - if it doesn’t arrive follow the “can’t access my account” flow.

Thank you, this is really helpful and can help us narrow down the cause, as there are multiple steps in the process we can probe this a bit further now.

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And more often than not, if we resend the welcome emails, they end up in cadets junk file.

The other issue the majority of the times the parents seemingly always put their email address down instead of the son/daughter. That takes a while to catch and fix.

The junk mail status is interesting, I’ll do some exploring on that too as we use Gov Notify which shouldn’t be flagged as a junk mail provider.

As for parent emails, data quality is always our biggest challenge, I’m hoping that when we launch RAFAC Join for cadets, we can emphasise the importance of good data and the value it brings!


A slight tangent, but is intergration of Gov Notify into units still on the roadmap?
IE availably for CFAV to send out bulk Comms from within Units.

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26 new recruits and not one got sent the welcome e-mail automatically. I did report it but heard nothing and ended doing it manually which was a right ball ache with so many.


We’re looking in to it to see what has broken the initial email. Thank you for highlighting.

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@Ben_Wakefield is sending the Welcome Email only available from the OC account?

I’m only asking as I have the adj account and none of my Cadets seem to receive the Cadet Portal link when I request the email?

Did they get in to Cadet Portal okay once you did the resend?