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Does anyone know how cadets can access the new cadet portal if they did not get an email with they login details? Our wing released information saying cadets could get access to their account if they did the forgotten password method as long as they had their cin but it seems they need a phone number that no one seems to know.

So is there a universal password that all the cadets get?

There is no universal password.

The mobile phone number associated with the cadet on SMS is the number that will be used to authenticate the password reset and that can be checked and/or amended by squadron staff.

Staff can also update the email account information on SMS and re-send the invitation email, if that helps.

We are having issues getting cadets on Portal too - but for different reasons.

A lot of the younger cadets (year 8’s) don’t yet have a personal e-mail address, so the contacts on Bader are mum or dad.
When they log on - all manner of confusion happens.

We are, as ‘Incubus’ suggested, are now trying to update Bader with relevant e-mail addresses where we can.

I’m sure we will get there!

Don’t they get a school email address? ISPs sometimes give multiple free email addresses.

Another alternative is for the parent to create a gmail (or similar) email address and then create an alias for it for their child. It will look like a different email on the system but in reality it is still the parent’s email. Of course the cadet should sign up for an email as soon as they are 13 to encourage them to have a bit of independence!

In all cases with us it was due to the incorrect e-mail address against the cadet’s record. Simply update their e-mail address and then go to the user accounts section, scroll down to the cadet section and hit the send e-mail again button against the correct cadet. This view is also useful for seeing who hasn’t signed up yet.

That’s got to be 99% user error… It makes no difference whatsoever to which address the welcome email is sent - the link works the same way.
Perhaps education is the answer there. I’ve got a couple in that category and I suspect that what they’re doing is trying to use their email address as the login username instead of

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Pretty sure if they have a phone number on their SMS, they can log on to and use their SMS - they can authenticate using the phone numbers - I might be wrong and we had to update numbers / emails on SMS and resend the email for a few of our cadets…

It’s well worth it when they get on!

Think there’s some stuff on SharePoint too that can assist on the Cadet Portal site!

Suggest looking at:

Email address issues

Authentication process support

I offered to do this at our Sqn before we got Portal and guess what, I was told to leave it and not do that which means now I am chasing Cadets and updating their details that were collected in a rush last month. Emails spelt wrong, numbers taken incorrectly so Bleep what any staff member tells me I am getting Cadets to come into the office who have yet to sign into portal and getting their details there and then and rectifying mistakes. If they don’t use portal they are going to be missing out when activities and courses pop up. Just because I do not want to wear a uniform does not make me anything different to someone who lives his life in the office only to venture out to give staff jobs. All our Cadets have a mobile phone so regardless of if they do or don’t have a email they do have a phone number I can add.

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When i try to go onto the cadet portal website( it doesnt let me. it show that " This site can’t be reached". I have set a password but after that it just doesnt let me go on the website.

Good news, that is the correct URL.

Are you on a PC at home or your mobile device? if on WiFi try when on a data connection

I am on a pc. i have tried using data on my phone but then this error pops up.

Looks like it is auto logging in with existing (gmail) credentials that the browser is providing.
Can you try from an Incognito / private browser window instead?

same issue. even if i go incognito or change my (logged in) gmail account

Are you still getting the exact same error?

What browser are you using? I switch all the time between accounts using InCognito to avoid this very issue.

i use google chrome.

this is what is happening evn if im on incognito

That looks like a network issue, assume you can access other websites from that device.

The original screenshot was from your mobile, can you try incognito on that device?

@Lime, What do you get if you go to

It worked. thanks for the help

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ok it didnt work. it lets me get on the website but the same error pops up