Cadet NCO Promotion Criteria ACTO

The following new Cadet NCO Requirements (Matrix) will become the Corps standard as they have been lifted from the draft ACTO for Cadet NCO Training.

Cadet Cpl

Cadet Sgt

Cadet FS

Noting that JNCO Courses are only open to Cpls and SNCO courses to Sgts there is still some tweaking with the wording to be done for the final copy (I hope) as some of this is to be done “In Rank”


What utter bilgewater. Further removing the autonomy of me as an OC.

Completed entry level health and safety award? Really? For what purpose? I refuse to deliver it on squadron because it’s not what cadets join us to do, so does that mean I can’t promote any corporal now?


Most of that is standard and I suspect most of us are doing it like this already, but the H&S Award is a load of cobblers and requiring every SNCO to have Bronze/Silver Leadership is dependant on Wings running sufficient Courses (which they don’t).

I would also work to the principle that this is a minimum? I expect far more from my candidates to pass the papersift and won’t Ben lowering my standards to appease anyone!

Surely just move H&S Entry to Heartstart.

I require my JNCO’s to have YFA!

This a minimum, and not a tickbox exercise expecting promotion.

HeartStart is there +1 Blue Badge given they need to complete within 3 months.

I do like structure and guidance…maybe because I sit in the spectrum somewhere but I fear that some of the higher quals such as AFA the RAFAC is not in a place to deliver it regularly and consistently that it’s easy enough for a cadet to attend and obtain

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One of my key issues is with overnight activity, given camps are so few and far between now, and that DofE doesn’t count as it has to be uniformed.

We’re writing off some cadets who can’t commit to overnight activities due to split families etc.


What about those cadets who have anxiety being separated from mum and dad…

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Far too restrictive - what about a cadet who joins at age 16 & is clearly suitable to be promoted to cpl at less than 18 month’s service?

As previously mentioned, silver badge level depends on Wg running sufficient cses.


Did anyone speak to OCs about this? What input from squadrons was there?

I already have a broadly similar set of guidelines for people that I ask them to try and achieve so it gives them something to work towards but making it compulsory is stupid and restrictive.


I thought Silver was a Region Course?

Surely if they are tying PTS Courses to promotion we can bin off the ridiculous system that we have now where we are running NCO Courses without Leadership Training built into them and instead do one course that covers NCOmanship and Leadership? (So the JNCO Course gives you your Bronze Leadership).

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Isn’t that sort of a bastardised approach to the ACF star system

That’s what we do with out JNCO and SNCO course

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So you have a region as big as S&NI, where do you hold the course, same as W&W?

Do you expect cadets and staff to travel to the Regional HQ or just many miles, probably on a Friday evening and leaving sometime Sunday? Accomodation?

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That would be sensible, in my Wing they have split it all down, added a 2 day PNCO Course for reasons that are lost on me and have Bronze Leadership (when it runs) as a separate Wing Course. :roll_eyes:

Somebody trying to get their 28 days in?


From when? Do we know?

I’d implement (in an ideal scenario) sector training teams capable of delivering the syllabus

Do OCs have to follow this to the letter or is there still a degree of autonomy? I know FS is a sector sign off, but Cpls and Sgts have always been at the discretion of the OC and rightly so.