Cadet Forces Warrant

Anyone heard or seen anything with regards to us?


Intersting the sea cadets have better Comms though.

Am curious what this ‘Warrant’ actually provides the individual?
More powers… no
More authority…no
Money off shopping… no

Is the piece of paper worth something? I dont get it?

In the regulars yes I get it, it means you essentially boost your authority by having a warrant from HM.

With us there is no booatvin authority etc as we are all just civvie scout leaders.

So I ask what’s the point.

Is this another valuing our volunteers paper based exercise to provide another bullet point on a list of pointless things HQAC can claim they have done to value us?

I don’t want to be negative. I just don’t get what this achieves.

Considering this isn’t a RAFAC announcement or decision, I’m going with “no”.

Skepticism is fine, but using something unrelated to HQAC to bash them? No.

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We all know it’s tri service and coming to us too.
My HQAC bashing as you put it, is because we all know damn well that they will if asked cite it as a ‘benefit’ we get or as part of their valuing us.

Still doesnt answer my query about the the point of it!

It was more the whole plan was to align us more with the other cadet forces… Then this fairly massive sea cadet announcement comes out of nowhere…

Also Officers have always been treated better than the SNCO population…issue of NO1s…Actual reserve status at one point… Uniform upkeep allowance etc… Sounds pathetic but would actually be nice to feel appreciated for once.


We all know that’s because officers work harder - tea doesn’t drink itself!


I wouldn’t cite that as being treated “better”. They get upkeep allowance, we get free replacement issue.

It achieves much the same as and carries the same ‘point’ as the Cadet Forces Commission… Nothing Earth-shattering or which in any way changes what any of us do, but is at least some recognition from the MOD that what we all do is of benefit to them.
Beyond that, not much.

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It shouldn’t be that way.
All volunteers should be valued.

All uniformed CFAVs should get number 1s paid for.

But someone correct me if wrong but all uniformed cfavs get uniform upkeep allowance presently anyway?

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No, only commissioned officers.

Yeah just checked only officers

That’s awful.
That should change ASAP.

NCO’s don’t require it, they get free replacement uniform from stores, officers have to pay for all replacement uniform.

I’d swap my £22 a year for free uniform whenever I wanted it tomorrow.


Just supply via Sqn stores…

Only issue is hat, brown gloves, shoes.

Fairly confident 99% of officers do this.

I’d happily give up my UUA for replacement issue uniform. The UUA doesn’t really help at all.

But back on topic I’m pleased to see WOs getting some recognition, even if just on paper, and hope it comes to the ATC


Neither Regular or the new CFAV Warrants are issued by HM, but rather by the Secretary of State for Defence. The Queen’s signature does not feature on them unlike commissioning scrolls.

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If it is delivered in the same shoddy format my CFC was, and with the same pixilated scanned signature, I don’t know many people that will want one really.

Still, nice to try and recognise volunteers :joy:


I must say that the terrible quality of printing on the CFC amazes me.
It would have been such a simple job to do properly. Poor show indeed.

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Still not received mine.