Cadet Forces Medal

Has anyone put the paperwork in for one recently (past 12 months). I submitted mine back in November and have heard nothing from HQAC, I was wondering if it was just me or if it was an ATC wide backlog.

I submitted my paperwork in January but because I had just transferred from the ATC to the CCF, the application was bounced around the ulu until April. Area wouldn’t\couldn’t sign it as they didn’t really know me and my previous Wg didn’t have the courtesy to respond to my email enquiring whether they would. The Contingent Commander got hacked-off and sent it direct to HQAC (which, incidentally, is iaw: JSP313).

I too heard nothing and rang HQAC only to be told that the person dealing with the applications had left and no-one had yet been recruited to take their place. She added that there was currently an 8-month backlog of applications to deal with (that was in April). I was advised to call back in July when someone would be in-post just to find out if the paperwork had been received, let alone the eligibility checks undertaken. Given that this process - together with the backlog - could take up to 3 months to complete (then the medal office carry out their checks) I and others in my position might just receive the medal in time for Remembrance Day 2015.

I think its disgusting that CFAV’s have to apply for the medal. My last long-gong was automatically triggered without any input from me. All eligibility checks including a search of my record for discip offences were done quickly and the medal came through around 4 months after I’d qualified for it. IMO there’s absolutely no reason why the same couldn’t be done for CFAV’s without having them - literally - beg for the medal by applying for it themselves.

The OC and I put our paperwork in back in February.
Mine was bounced back from HQAC and arrived this week, so presumably someone there is processing the forms.

Just obviously not very well…
Mine came back with a note attached to say "Cadet service can only be counted over 18 years old."
Yes. Well done HQAC! That’s why I only accounted for 2 years of over 18 cadet service on the form. :ohmy:

I can’t believe cadet service counts at all, to be honest.

And why not? Its for the uniformed aspects of the ACO and other cadet organisations. Its criteria can be met, and a medal duely given out in recognition for service within the VR(T). Its still an aspect of the RAF. And helps our next generation, why not get a bit of recognition.

What you should be disgusted about is the fact that the Merchant Navy was refused the latest Jubilee medal, and those waste of oxygen Community Support Orifices got it instead.

So I suppose that means mine put in, March. might come through next year.
I wish I could use that line at work, without facing a stern chat from my manager and probably some sort of competency procedure. I cannot believe that they work like this, although we know they do.

What is funny is they send you the paperwork to fill out with service dates etc etc.
My father-in-law was told he had to apply for his service medals after WW2 and didn’t bother as he was insulted. We got them after he died.

I think we have it pretty easy compared to this lot - must be tricky deciding how many to write yourself up for!

“The New York City Police Department presents medals to its members (upon request and a self initiated write up) for meritorious service.”

It’s to the keep the criteria equal to those cadet forces whose cadet service ends, and staff service begins, at 18.

It’s to the keep the criteria equal to those cadet forces who cadet service ends, and staff service begins, at 18.[/quote]

Reference my earlier post…I may have misunderstood what was meant by cadet service…

I stand by what I said though.

Ex regulars can claim up to 2 years regular service towards the Cadet Forces medal providing that a LSGCM has not been claimed for for the same period… so for time served and leaving before qualifying for LSGCM or after the LSGCM according to the medal office Criteria for issue.

There’s potentially a throwback to a time when CWO’s could stay until 22 pre-LASER and commissioned officers could start at 20. (Although this shouldn’t be an issue now)

Looks like I’m 4 years late in applying for my medal. Stupid for me for thinking that this was automatically dealt with by those above rather than me having to apply for it :angry:

You’ll be eligible for your first bar by the time you get it!

Actually they can claim up to 3 - as can Reservists & UTOC etc, provided the same years have not used for VRSM / LSCGM. Cadets can claim up to 4 years of post 18 yrs service.

Used to be able to. Not many of those left knocking around now. Unless they return to service some time later.

Well, I’ve just rang Personnel and surprise, surprise, my application hasn’t been received. Qualifying date was January, application (finally) submitted in April and no sign of it at HQAC.

What an organization…

Mine was over a year

The whole process is abysmal.

Agreed. They should scrap the medal.

Used to be able to. Not many of those left knocking around now. Unless they return to service some time later.[/quote]Or are qualifying for clasps.

Plenty of those left!

I was a 4 yr cadet service CWO - not quite qualifying for a clasp yet!