Cadet forces medal eligibility


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Is the medal available for service instructors?
[/quote]Not as such, but some regular service can count towards award of the medal

Because it isn’t our (RAFAC’s) decision.


It is possible as Westminster is setup to do this, even with a box for 3 years to be taken off.


It was the careers people that said do this and then change later. He joined on the premise that he could change and then found he couldn’t.

The careers people should be doing more than just getting bums on seats.

When he left he started working in a local hotel in the kitchens and as far as I’m aware never looked back. He was extremely bitter initially as he felt he was lied to.

A few people did say don’t join if you can’t get into your first choice, but he wanted to join up.


You can’t seriously be this naive?

They are recruiters. They recruit. It’s their job. Their job is quite literally to get bums on seats. It’s not about what you want, it’s what the Military needs. If billets need filled, they will have an agenda to fill those billets.
Every time I stepped foot in the AFCO I would have lads trying to poach me to some Royal Messtin Regiment or Engineering draft. I stuck to my guns and had some self belief and got what I wanted.

He could have transferred. After a return of service. To pay back for the money invested to train him. It’s not difficult.
It’s the same for transferring branch’s of the Military.
Or even leaving the Military. If the Service has invested in you, it expects a minimum return.

Throwing his toys out the pram after 18 months doesn’t help anyone. He signed on the dotted line. They wouldn’t let him transfer because he still have a contract to fulfill.

He can be bitter all he likes. It’s his own fault! And to sneer at the opportunity to do a popular trade as a stepping stone just proves what an idiot he is.

If you want to join up, then join up. But if it’s a popular billet then be prepared to either wait or take a long route through another service.

The Military shouldn’t and doesn’t pander to you. You join it.


I still believe that unless there is an opening for what you want to do at the time the AFCO should say so and send you on your way if there isn’t.

The way it operated back then and still does to some extent, is probably in breach of employment practice. We don’t employ people who want to be x on the premise that they can change to y later and I’m pretty certain that no other employers do. If the opportunity arises elsewhere and it fits your skill set and or qualifications, you can apply like everyone else and see how it goes.

Surely it is better to have happy bums on seats rather than just bums on seats, hoping they’ll get to like it?


Topic please.


It might not be their decision, but with all the value the volunteer BS doing the rounds, this could be something they push really hard for. This would recognise CI service and put its value on the same footing as uniformed staff and potentially stop some of those cadets opting for continuing in uniform so as to not lose ‘qualifying cadet service’. However in the push for uniformed staff, I doubt this would happen, as to recognise CI service in the same way as uniformed staff, would have the potential for cadets to become CIs and wait until they are ready for adult uniformed staff roles.
I think then they’d have to rethink the lure of being a CFAV in uniform for air cadets coming through.


There is a certificate…


Whoopee doo.

But it’s like the medal you have to ask for it or expect someone else to. The reason why we have to ask is because HQAC are and always have been extremely, extremely, extremely poor at record keeping. Imagine being due a long service award at work (if your workplace does them) and having to ask for it, it’s downright degrading. We have long service awards and I’ve been the one reminded that it’s coming (twice) by the invite to select an award (from a list up to a specific value) and an invite to the awards dinner for me and the mrs.

The timescales are abysmal for the certificate, compared to CFM and bar timeframes. By the time a CI would get the 24 year mark someone joining at the same time and going into uniform would be getting their 2nd bar.

We’re all the same now. Can’t hide behind some pretentious notion that uniformed staff are somehow different / better anymore, we’re all civvies with some in fancy dress, so we should all get the same, be that medal or certificate.


If they haven’t managed to get MOD90s for CIs yet though then I wouldn’t hold your breath about that.


I wouldn’t suggest anyone holding their breath over any of the things, but if there was a real desire to value contribution of all staff, ID cards and an equal footing all round would be best.

The one aspect that needs to be accepted is that as all of us are now civilians, ie no military recourse, until this is taken on board I don’t think there will be anything happen.


I received my CI long service certificate 8 years after the event and felt so bad about the way the system worked I sent it back to HQAC. The fact is as far as much of the organisation is concerned CI service is not valued. Many of us feel we are considered by some of our senior officers the bottom of the pile for most things. The recognition of service, ID etc are just indicative of this. But I don’t think the powers that be value uniform staff at a squadron level are valued much more unless they need something from them that is. That is a large part of why we are struggling to retain and recruit staff.


It gets applied for by your unit.


So let me get this right my current service is 2 years as a CWO up to Sept 2009, 6 months as CI and then 8.5 years as a SNCO so in theory i can apply for some silverware in Sept 2019


I don’t think CI service counts towards it

Edit: completely ignore me I can’t read evidently.


Would be classed as a “break”


Not so.
I applies myself…two other staff were also eligible the same year on unit and they hurriedly filled out their apllication



I left at 20, moved (as a CI) due to jobs out of the region and 7 months later appointed into uniform.

It’s a break where you Mark time


Indeed - Pers Form 1-12.


I think he is referring to regular and reserve units not the corps, as that was what Daws’s question was