Cadet forces medal eligibility

Am slightly confused. I’ve seen guidance that says all service as a cadet over 18 and adult uniformed service can count towards your award of the medal regardless of breaks in service (it says that a break used to end eligibility but due to confusion they got rid of that) but I’ve also seen guidance that says only some breaks in service in linked circumstances count.

Does anyone know what the present rules are? Sorry if this has been done recently.

The Cadet Forces Medal (CFM) is awarded in recognition of long service in the Cadet Forces.

To be considered, you must:

  • be an officer or uniformed adult instructor
  • have 12 years’ reckonable service

At the discretion of service boards, the following are not counted as breaks in continuity of service for the medal:

  • any break which does not exceed 6 months
  • breaks of up to 3 years’ by reason of change in place of residence or changing in civilian employment
  • Up to 3 years’ service with any of the following may be used towards the CFM if it’s not been used towards another medal:
  • Reserve Forces
  • Regular Forces
  • Officer Training Corps
  • University Air Squadrons

If you go on to complete a further 6 years’ service, you’ll be issued a clasp (it doesn’t need to be continuous). Prior to 1991, 8 years additional service was required. The clasp should be worn on the ribbon of the CFM.

You can’t apply for this medal. Recommendations are to be made in accordance with JSP 814, Policy and Regulations for MOD Sponsored Cadet Organisations.

Thanks. Though I know how often the sites are out of date.

The site references JSP 814 which deals with the awarding of the medal. That JSP gives different requirements hence the confusion.

You have an out of date JSP.

Are you joking.

Why is Regular time served the same value as Reserve, and why are they both the same value of the bloody OTC!

Thanks. That explains it then. Though am intrigued as to why they went back to not allowing breaks in service

In our Wing, it’s down to individual to claim, if not, it’s not done for you!


And in mine, that was straight from the Gov website.

Which I think is disgraceful. Once an individual hits the qualifying point, the system (Bader? Universe?) should automatically trigger the application process. I think it’s disgraceful that the individual should have to apply because to me, that’s akin to being made to beg for the damn medal.


And then this particular wing sits on it until they see fit to deign to hand it over - gripped my … no end.

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That’s because it is to be issued at a time befitting it’s importance. Just throwing it over a desk because someone doesn’t show up to things isn’t one of those times, although in the end for some people that’s what happens. Never understood that, why bother applying if you don’t want it presenting.

So WHQ sitting on it for 10 months with multiple opportunites to present it available after losing the application for several months are not a reason to get fed up?

Yeah that’s rank

Corrected for you :joy:


I’ve had a couple of medals ‘thrown over the desk’ at me! :grin:

Horses for courses. Some like it presented, others don’t. When my Long Gong arrived on the unit, I was asked how I wanted to receive it. Parade, CO’s presentation, whatever. My choice.

I said that I’d be happy to sign for it and take it away with me and that’s what happened. Despite having to - literally - prise it out of our Sqn WO’s hand but that’s another story!

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Just applied for this for one of our chaps.

He’s done 9 years VRT but his regular Service classes as 3 so he’s eligible.

From my own experience, any cadet service over the age of 18 is counted.

You apply for your own medal or clasp, or your ADJ should if he’s any good, and you sign the paperwork along with your OC.

Clasp is every 6.

With regards to presenting medals, many of our ex Service pilots are quite happy with a ‘there you go chap’ over a brew in the mess room. They have far too many medals for them to be fussy over another one and some don’t even bother wearing it.


I doubt your lot go on parades these days so someone getting the brews In is the closest to a formal gathering

You aren’t meant to apply for this yourself.

That article is now out of date

One of the reasons you aren’t just issued it when Bader says is due to the other qualifying service. If you are using regular service which didn’t count for a regular Medal for example Bader can’t be expected to notice and if you programmed Bader to do it automatically people might be sent one who had already qualified through other means.