Cadet Direct producing Rank slides RAF Air Cadets


Well that is what they say they were issued with…


These are the official issued rank slides … anything else has been designed and purchased without authority.


Well mine for the wedgewood shirt are grey and not light blue like the ones shown in your picture…


Didn’t think MTP ones are being issued? So if you can only purchase them, is Ripoff Directthe only place you can get them from? As they have a mix of 5mm and 7mm wording, which ones should we purchase?
If ones are purchased from elsewhere how can any tell?
Also, my wedgewood ones are more light grey than wedgewood!!


You are correct, MTP slides are not being issued as the MTP clothing you have purchased was also not issued, simples. I would suggest that if the items that are being purchased have the smaller text, send them back to the supplier and request the correct ones or get your money back. It looks like they are offloading ones they made prior to the official design being agreed.


MTP slides are being issued, but only to people who are also scaled for PCS.




Flt Lt MTP slides are also out of stock everywhere I tried.


Buy a Fg Off and some extra Fg Off braid?


I resent buying them anyway - I’m not about to go and spend time correcting it on top of that!


Use the olive green ones - they are more visible than the MTP ones at marking you out as an officer, and it’s easier to tell your rank.


Latest IBN said OG is aircrew only. But, ive never been one to conform. And since when did IBN take presidence over policy docs? I cant find IBNs referenced in any policy docs!!! Besides which, i thought orders came via Twitter these days???


Given that they’ve not produced any DPM ones, surely OG is more appropriate for them?


I’ve bought OG and MTP, intend to wear OG for Barrack Dress or whenever I want to trigger a DI.


Everyone needs a hobby :wink:


With these new rank slides, there looks to be ample opportunity to create quite a few aortic aneurisms amongst the badge police…


I got Flt Lt MTP from Cadet Direct relatively recently, so I think they may have new stock. (And they were 7mm text.)


What, you mean the 3 zillion posts on here so far aren’t from the Badge Police?


I think the 5mm ones look better than the 7mm ones tbh. We had a few delivered from HQAC that had letters that had been stitched over twice so there are random bold letters!


WOs/SNCOs can’t wear the standard blue rank slides with a camouflage backing eh?
I’ll back mine with OG then like I’ve done for years.