Cadet Direct producing Rank slides RAF Air Cadets


I always have an MTP background to my rank slides when I am in PCS. It is called the epaulette.


It’s called the epaulette strap


Since CS95 moved it to the front it’s been called the “front rank strap” (as opposed to “shoulder strap” as on other garments). :stuck_out_tongue:


Got an order from Cadet Direct through today - some 5mm, some 7mm.


send them an E Mail and ask for the 7mm as they have sent you substandard goods


Since Cadet Direct advises the rank slides products “Latest regulation RAF Air Cadet Officers rank slides for No 2 Dress uniform manufactured with regulation RAF officers braid and mounted on regulation fabric by an MoD approved supplier on behalf of HQAC RAF Cranwell.” They’re mis-advertising if they’re supplying the 5mm with orders. Local trading standards could investigate. There’s no excuse to “use up 5mm stocks” with this product information on their website.


Only anally retentive types on here can get themselves wound up over 2mm…


Oh, I know a ‘real’ one who would notice/care, but he’s too busy making my tea to say anything about it.

On a related note, because I’m looking to drive said muppet to a nervous breakdown - can anyone who knows/cares about such things find a way of twisting QR’s to make a WO(ATC) salute a retired Army Officer who is now a CI?


Do they hold the Victoria Cross?


Fortunately not.

I could buy one on eBay…?


but do they know the person doesn’t have a VC???


Said Army Officer “holds” a Queens commission, still does to this day (unless dishonourably discharged) right?

we salute those who hold a commission. I salute several retired Officer we meet on BoB Parade and Remembrance - one of which was until recently a CI who i continued to salute


Yeah - he’s seen my rack, and while it’s very blingy and awe-inspiring, it would look a bit dodgy if I suddenly tipped up with a VC and, when asked about it, said that I’d forgotten about it and eventually found it at the back of the draw…



I’ll send him an email - I’m looking for a nice, crisp salute, he doesn’t need to bend the knee or anything, but perhaps a few well chosen words, averting his eyes, that kind of thing.


My wife says 2mm makes all the difference. :rofl:


Taken from AP 818 (
Part2 Chapter1

  1. Saluting is a recognition of the Sovereign’s Commission, being indirectly a salute to the
    Crown through the individual holding the Queen’s authority. The Sovereign is paid the highest
    compliment, the Royal Salute. Because of their link with the Sovereign, the following are also
    paid some form of compliment:
    a. Members of the Royal Family.
    b. Governors and Ministers to whom the Sovereign delegates authority.
    c. Formed bodies of troops on the Sovereign’s business.
    d. All Colours and Standards of the Royal Air Force and their equivalent in the
    Royal Navy, Royal Marines and Army.
    e. All Officers, as holders of the Sovereign’s commission.

“all officers” - to me “all” includes retired


Depends if they still hold the Sovereign’s Commission once they’ve left…


I do not believe that adequately takes into account the situation where a person holds 2 roles. If they are acting in the capacity of a CI then they should expect to be treated the same as any other CI, which means no salutes. If that same person wishes to act in their capacity as a retired officer in their 1s at some sort of event then they might attract a salute.

In short - do not confuse people and do not send mixed messages. Be a CI or don’t.


agreed and I would state is is down to the individual - CI that is.

The CI I saluted was a former OC of the unit and was very happy to still get the recognition…another who was on a neighboring Squadron and Sqn Ldr RAF retd (rather than VRT retd) didn’t want a salute.


Back on topic please chaps