Cadet Direct producing Rank slides RAF Air Cadets


I stand corrected, they must have sorted out the snags. Good to see we are all transitioning together and starting 2018 on the same page of the playbook.


Not that one eactly but the one where they’ve got the badges from is on the CFC page of bader.


I don’t know about anyone else but as it’s years since I got ID’d for alcohol, I don’t think anyone is going to think I’m a cadet just because of the rank slides.


My Daughter who is 30 and a WO. often gets mistaken for a Cadet lol . She does not find it very funny.


Some very young looking staff in my Wing, conversely we also have some very old looking cadets with receding hairlines who are routinely mistaken for adult staff :confused:

How ever did we manage with 21 yr old CWOs…


Oh we have a new IBN. I note the following taken from it

• SNCOs are not to wear subdued rank slides when wearing CS95 or MTP. Does that mean they can buy MTP slides or not allowed to darken there current ones down?

• TRFs will remain as stated in 1358C until an amended TRF is produced.
• Officers rank slides have been produced to be 58mm wide. Due to the number of different manufacturers who have produced shirts and jumpers with different size epaulettes, rank slides can be reduced to fit.
• Some Officers rank slides were produced in advance of the official launch with 5mm lettering rather than 7mm. These can be worn until replacements are provided or purchased


It means that can’t do either, as has always been the case blue rankslides as issued are worn on MTP. The same applies to Officers who are also wearing blue rank braid rather than subdued. (Don’t let the backing material confuse matters as its just that backing material for the braid)


Thanks for that Daws clears things up sometime its the wording or what a person makes of the word than can confused things.

Still bit silly that Officers rank slides were clearly sent out wrong " rank slides can be reduced to fit." Clearly we know who has to pay for that and "some Officers rank slides were produced in advance of the official launch with 5mm lettering rather than 7mm. These can be worn until replacements are provided or purchased " I wonder when that will be for those folks with the bad ones


Only did a very recent order. My Flt Lt ones are 7mm… to save delivery I ordered my Adj a set of Fg Off at the same time and they arrived in 5mm…


I have seen that officially issued MTP rank slides to SATTs, have the initials RAFAC not
RAF Air Cadets like the rest embroidered on them…


So two different sets of slides out there already? Be interesting to see a picture.


Why is it the general advice is avoid cadet rip off at all costs?
Now here because of crass incompetence by HQAC, people are having to pay for something they should get issued, by right, that is of a poor standard.

I’ve bought Double Two shirts, but then they are of a far superior quality compared to the Primark shirts from stores.


I like to see a picture to if that’s the case they have RAFAC then they cant be official issued slides agreed by RAFAC HQ as it goes against the agreed title


Hmm… Someone going off track and doing what they want!!! I thought this was meant to stop that!!


Any pics? It would be good to feed that back.


Anyone else noted that gold wire RAFAC will be available from January and can be worn on born No 5 and No1 to cover damage caused by the previous pins. I wonder if they’ll look any better than the pins


I think there could be a lot of damaged tunics out there come January. Looks like until then we will be improperly dressed.


no I don’t have pictures i’m afraid


Rank slides with 5mm text will continue to be sold by Cadet Direct until stocks are exhausted, because they had produced a large run before the 7mm text was agreed on. Issued ones should come with 7mm. Depending on the rarity of your rank, it may take a while before CD have run out…


No they don’t. The official issued MTP slides for the SATTs etc all have “RAF Air Cadets” the same as the blue variants.

Whoever has “RAFAC” ones have purchased them via other means. They aren’t issue.