Cadet Direct producing Rank slides RAF Air Cadets


Thanks but I still question why RAFAC get a supplier for some of the staff and not them all at the same time . It’s not like they all don’t need them as for the dark tabs officers have seen then on a IOC photo yesterday you can’t work out the rank when on the jumper by looks of things


SNCO/WO only have one designe colour for Jumper,Shirts and Combats that is silver on dark blue.
Officers have a set for Shirt a different colour set for jumper and a set for Combats.
So I don’t think we are all the same now RAFAC.


I agree and I can see me buying a pair for MTP but given we’ve not seen the updated dress regs it’s taking the


The plt off ones look like blank slides


Haven’t they always!

Pilot Officer & Flying officer has always been backed by the appropriate material, on something dark in colour the Pilot officer especially has always disappeared. Just that the big holy pin has drawn attention.


True that


Where’s this poster come from?


Which is the same as the RAF, where they’re all RAF and SNCOs have one colour (except when operational or for the Regiment) and officers have garment-coloured slides (optional for Flt Lt and above).


God, how on earth can they not have an “approved supplier” for WO/SNCO slides yet?

Somebody has produced those awful, flimsy, things we’re being issued with… That’s the supplier!


his will be what’s detailed in the new AP1358C. bit late in issuing the said document are they not


The Wedgwood blue slides… anyone found that they are more a light grey than a light blue?

Or have I got a dud set issued to me


Mine are the same, wonder if we can do what is suggested in bader with consumer rights and send them back etc if they are the initial issue given to us


You have to give them back to RAFAC as they are the ones placed the order and paid for them


At least the RAF guys will see you comming were the SNCO ones look like what they wear lol


I’ve just seen the GPJ slides. The black writing on them makes it impossible to even see there’s any text unless you’re stood on the wearer’s toes.


Are they he ones you wear on jumper if so CAC published a photo of new CFC officers passing out and you could not even seethe rank LL. Are these what reg RAF wear or made up for CFC officers


Pilot Officer braid has always hidden in the backing material on Jumpers/GPJ.

Wedgewood shirts tend to come in all different varieties of colours so I suppose getting an exact match is probably impossible.


Seems to me like RAFAC are getting the bum deal.

We are now the only uniformed CFAVs to have the word CADETS emblazoned across our rank slides. Army Cadets are still using ACF for officers and SNCOs, reserving CADET for the actual cadets. Sea Cadet Officers are only identified by the ‘Wavy Navy’ rings in all modes of dress. The cadets and Senior rates use SCC with full Sea Cadet Corps mudguards on No1s and the RMC Officers just use SCC.

Sea Cadets are retaining the RNR/RMR identifier for thier Officers whereas RAFVR(T) has been removed for RAFAC Officers. The ACF are still dragging thier heels with the commission change for another year.

I don’t have a major issue with us having CADET on the rank slides (call a spade a spade) but should it not be the same across all cadet forces? Especially since much was made about the need for an identifier which clearly distinguishes CF from Reserves and the fact that RAFAC was vetoed for our rank slides despite being the accepted abbreviation because it didn’t scream CADET INSTRUCTOR.

For parity they should have just introduced normal service rank slides with the addition of CADET FORCES across the bottom for all ATC/ACF/SCC/CCF adults and CADET/STAFF CADET for the youngsters.


Good points and I agree officer or SNCO we are not cadets even if RAF cadet instructor had been used it would of been slightly better


The ACF are not dragging out for another year, letter received below:

Dear Colleague,
The attached letter from Lieutenant General Bashall is addressed to all Cadet Force (CF) officers ahead of the introduction of the Cadet Forces Commission on Friday 1st December. This covering email aims to avoid any confusion about the appointment of existing CF officers to the new commission.
An appointment board held this week has considered the appointment of existing CF officers to the new commission and the results of this board will be with RPOC HQs and ACF Counties by COP Thu 30 Nov.
Notification by individual letter will follow from Mon 4 Dec, with letters being distributed from HQ RC via County HQs for the ACF and via RPOC HQs for CCF(A) contingents.
Existing CF officers are to assume that they have been appointed to the Cadet Forces Commission from Fri 1 Dec unless they:
Are suspended for alleged behaviour that if proven could lead to the termination of their commission and their dismissal from the CF, regardless of whether administrative action has been started.
Have been on the non-effective list for over 12-months.
Have left a CCF contingent within the past year and not indicated their intention to find another appointment.
Have not met the probationary terms of their Land Forces commission and they have been informed that an application to revert them to their previously held rank has been made.
Will have left the CF before 1 Dec 17.
If the reasons for suspension and non-appointment at (1) are not substantiated, or a CCF officer at (3) applies for a new post within 12 months, an out of committee appointment board will take place to appoint the individual to a Cadet Forces Commission.
Where a CF officer has applied to resign or retire sometime after 1 Dec they will be appointed to the new commission so they can continue to volunteer until they leave the CF.
If doubts remain despite this information please address your concerns via your CF chain of command in the first instance.
Kind regards,
Colonel D J Hudson OBE
ACOS Cadets | HQ Regional Command