Cadet Direct producing Rank slides RAF Air Cadets


There was a thread about this on PPRuNe - I didn’t get stuck in but (disclaimer: not and never have been RAF aircrew) I can’t see the difference between any of us CFAVs wearing RAF rank, and specific things like aircrew rank tabs. After all, it’s not like they are wearing aircrew brevets the same as regulars. The officer rank I hold is frankly a bit embarrassingly high considering all I’ve ever done is run a CCF - someone with the same rank in the regular RAF would have passed OASC, graduated Cranwell, and notched up several active tours of duty and OOA deployments by that rank. But that’s the system, decided on by others, not ourselves.


As the adage goes, many people would rather go on tour and run down a two way range than face the prospect of looking after that many of someone else’s kids!


Lunch break? I could only dream


Can always complain to the 2* that signed it off, the AOC obviously thinks they’re qualified.


My feelings exactly. During my ACO service I have come across a fair few insufferable members of VGS’s and the granting of this insignia will only assist in making the heads of some, swell to monumental proportions.



You mean check-in surely…



All the more reason to call it the ‘Plastic Chicken’, because that doesn’t wind up the grow bags :wink:


How on earth anyone in the ivory towers wouldn’t consider the direct comparison between real RAF aircrew & VGS, I just do not understand.

I don’t care if there is only one encounter between the 2 categories in the next 100 years, it doesn’t make it right.


Understand all Officer rank slides are now being issued with the exception of MTP. Does anyone know if we are being issued rank slides for the GP Jacket?



1 X Pair of Jersey colour, 1 X pair of Wedgwood blue colour.


jeez, they look terrible on the jacket, what about these?


The official line is that Blue Grey jumper slides are to be worn with GPJ, this will be what’s detailed in the new AP1358C.

The same slides are to be worn with No.3 if you don’t private purchase MTP slides…


Yep - agreed, and make us look like complete muppets in the process.


They do look much nicer. Any idea what the dimensions are? The one we’ve been issued are around 65mm x 95mm - so quite big!


the website says ‘standard size’ …


It would be interesting to see why the size difference is between the CD and CL ones are. Whichever fits the best just buy those.


Is there anywhere to buy SNCO/WO slides? I’m trying to collate everyone’s order on my sqn in to one to save on delivery costs, but quite predictably the official supplier doesn’t appear to supply them.


I’d heard/read somewhere (probably on here) that Ripoff Direct were planning to have them on the website “In December”.
Though, beyond that who knows. I’ve not seen them anywhere yet either.


Now don’t forget the CAC says we are all the same that’s why officers can buy more etc SNCOs can’t


They haven’t announced an approved supplier for SNCO just for Officers, there won’t be an approved supplier for SNCO until next year.