Bronze Crest Drone Flying Award

As seen on the 2FTS FB page. Any idea what this is? not seen it in the new progressive training syllabus.

Probably 2FTS being retards again and leaking something without asking HQAC

The Bronze/Silver/Gold Crest award is a British Science Association thing, wouldn’t be anything with the PTS balls up

what balls up???

Well either the lack of actual flying meaning that cadets can’t progress or the lack of badges meaning that cadets who do progress don’t get anything to show for it. (The actual point of PTS).

I have a cadet who joined earlier this year, he is entitled to 2 Blue Badges, 1 Bronze & 1 Silver Badge, none actually turned up. Hardly the selling point for new cadets it could be is it!


this was true prior to the PTS
the introduction of the PTS has not change the state or frequency of flying in the organisation.

this is a sourcing issue, and to a lesser degree also present prior to the PTS.
lack of kit, be it badges, rank slides or uniform have always been present

Bumping this - anyone know more about it or have any advice on drone projects at Sqn level?

At the moment all drone flying is suspended on MOD and ATC property. See the latest version of ACTO 075 (published Yesterday) for info.

Thanks for heads up, due to work I’d not been on Bader yesterday. It seems sensible enough as regards model Flying. It doesn’t reference CAP-C / PFCo (Flying UAVs under control of a licensed commercial operator) so I might feed that back up the CoC.

My wing has just bought some as it was a part of the Regional competitions in the field training day at RAF between Telford and Wolves.

Not seen the ACTO yet but the email we had this week only limited Flying on MOD property and specifically excluded ATC locations! Glad they are joined up in their thinking.

@the_silverback, I hope that within your wing someone is looking into the upcoming changes in legislation.

Are RFCA-provided ATC locations MOD property? I thought RFCAs were technically independent?

ACTO says ‘including the volunteer estate’, though in practice you’d need either a. a huge site or b. a very small drone to do anything meaningful at Sqn level. I’m more interested in projects building them, as we are fortunate enough to have an area for drone flying not far away.

i find the statement interesting…“not on the volunteer estate”

I could name a fair handful of Squadrons I knowwhich are placed at the end of, adjacent to, or neighbouring a residential garden - lets say little 10year old Johnny gets a drone for Christmas, lets say he is mad keen to take it out side and play with it (lets face it, its a cool present and the kid is 10) lets say he uses the back garden at the end of which is an ATC hut…

…lets say he flies the toy well enough to control it with confidence and starts maneuvering it about the “airspace” outside the house. lets say he allow it over the garden boundaries/fences to fly over the neighbouring land (and is able to do so safely) which goes over the boundary line of “volunteer estates”

how dare I ask is this different to 6x Cadets with an instructor doing it in mid-january as part of Cadet training at the Squadron?

I don’t get the ban on volunteer estates, as long as you have the requisite insurance it doesn’t make any sense what so ever. (I can understand they might be a bit nervous about you flying them at RAF somewhere or other!)

Also if you are lodgers on a school does that count? Since it’s not RFCA’s estate it’s the LEA’s.

Depending on location, use of a drone in a build-up area is very difficult to do without breaking the DroneCode safety distances.

Absolutely, and the Code is in essence the relevant sections of the ANO rewritten for Joe Public. daws1159 - that would be a question for the school (as it would be for CCF).

In order to assist with policy compliance I’ve put in a works service request for an anti aircraft battery to be installed on sqn. I’m expecting an elite squad from 2FTS in the post any day now…


I’m a little disappointed about this, as it’s not that difficult to write a suitable risk assessment and SOPs that require use of the DroneAssist app and compliance with the CAA Drone Safety poster.

Oh well. One for the school model aircraft club, I suppose, rather than the CCF. Same people*, different day of the week…

(*actually, different adult in charge, which is probably important)

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