Hi Could someone please clarify the regulations surrounding BPSS checks for CCF cadets? Within the CCF we have very few 18+year old cadets, as our cadets are all school age. We (CCF) have never had to obtain BPSS checks for any of our cadets, however I have a 18year old cadet who has been told that he cannot apply for a Cyber Course until he has BPSS. Also can I ask is there a fee for this check? Where do I find the forms? And do RAFAC pay for any costs?(if required).
Many thanks

So looking at JSP 814 Chapter 4.1.5


And the form you’d want is available on Bader SharePoint - Pers Form 1-01.
There’s no fee, but I’d suggest emailing your Wing/Region Permenant Staff for further guidance.

@tmmorris is probably placed to advise on this.

Speak to your TEST SNCO or TEST OC - as far as I was aware CCF(RAF) don’t have the designation of staff cadets (even though some are over 18) but that might be part of the confusion.

It does sound like they are treating you like an ATC unit though.


I’d take the question back to the course directing staff and ask them.

It might be a prerequisite given the course location or content and we probably shouldn’t go into too much detail on that here.

The BPSS itself is quite quick as long as the applicant’s referees are efficient in getting back to them.


@Chief_Tech and @WestlandScout are both right:

  1. CCF don’t have Staff Cadets so nobody should be asking you for BPSS.
    But 2. the course location might require it (e.g. a Qinetiq site) so worth asking the course DS.

I suspect though that you are indeed coming against someone trying to treat the CCF the same as the ATC. CCF cadets are ‘children’ until 31 Aug after they leave school and as such don’t need to be accommodated separately, or do BPSS, or BASIC, or have a DBS clearance.

If this continues to be a problem, let your TEST officer know and ask them specifically to escalate this to the Regional Commandant. If that fails, RC LASER is now the CCF lead.

Someone might want to prod the owner of JSP814 then given that it explicitly mentions Staff Cadets.

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Exactly what I was thinking.

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The implications is that staff cadets in the CCf(RAF) aged18 to 20 need to have BPSS (copy paste error

CCF RAF doesn’t have staff cadets as the over 18s do not have a separate cadet status.

So if a pupil left the the school but not the section they would be a staff cadet (but that never really happens).

I think that needs to be more explicit. The current wording of the JSP is open to the interpretation taken by the course admin on this occasion: even if, to someone with greater contextual knowledge, that interpretation is wrong.

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As you say, we do not have Staff Cadets in CCF. I have escalated the matter to my TEST SNCO and he has enquired about the matter as well. However as yet we have not had a response…
The CCF(RAF) & ATC are amalgamating and the process has been and continues to throw up all sorts of administration issues.
So basically ATC Cadets can attend CCF Courses and camps. And vice versa, however I have been told that if a CCF Cadet (18+) wants to attend any course organised by the ATC they must have Access NI and BPSS. I am also wondering if this issue will pop up when my 18+ cadet wants to attend RIAT?

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But you do have cadets who are 18.

Who are not classed as staff cadets……:upside_down_face:

I think you use to be have CIs who were 18 in the CCf as well :slight_smile:

Still allowed per ACP 20!

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Yes we have 2

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Yes, some of the students who left school returned to assist with training. They were all SC and after an interview became CI’s

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What if an ATC staff cadet was also in the CCF… do they suddenly have less responsibilities when they put a different hat on :thinking:


AFAIK whilst in the CCF they fall under the peer exemption for things like DBS.

Seems like this staff cadet business is confusing, why hasn’t anyone suggested getting rid of it

(I’m sorry)

Was there not meant to be an IBN released almost a year ago, that got pulled at the last second? :thinking: :thinking: :rofl:

It’s when the ATC staff cadet is a CI in the CCF it becomes really interesting……

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