Boots 2021-22 Edition

I realise boots have been discussed a lot before, but a lot has changed including the issued lineup. Someone over on Discord has been asking and it got me thinking that actually my own boot collection has changed, so perhaps others have too?

Any recommended deals and steals on eBay different to a few years ago?

I’m feeling decidedly poor here…

I have 1 set of uniform boots.
Brown Magnums. Perfect for everything.

I also have 1 set of berghause walking boots.
Again perfect.

Not sure what else one would have in a ‘collection’

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I have a pair of the combat boots for the rough stuff and a pair of ‘patrol’ boots for Squadron nights and indoor things - the patrol boots are a cheapo type but do the job.

But I do a lot of greens stuff.

I have 2 pairs of AKUs, the civvy issue ones with better sole unit and high leg. One pair for fieldwork and one for nicer stuff. Mil spec AKUs are okay for our usage mostly and can be had for a bargain compared to the Civvy versions.

I then have a pair of Altbergs that seemingly sit at the back of my cupboard waiting to be worn one day when I need a polished pair of boots.

  • a pair of pretty lightweight summer boots :mountain:
  • a pair of B2s for winter fun stuff :mountain_snow:
  • an extra pair of mid-weight boots, just cos…
  • fell running trainers
  • approach shoes
  • climbing shoes

…and they’re just the ones I can see from where I’m sitting :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Brands/model names?

I went off on a tangent and got a set of Vans Ultra Range EXO… Hand down the best/comfiest walking boots I’ve owned

Try Adidas Terrex Free Hikers. Utterly ridiculous.

They do an all black version, seriously wondering if I could get away with them in uniform.

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Quite ugly/back to then futurish :joy:

Depends on how sharp eyed your WWO is.

They might not be accepted in the field as they don’t have a distinct heal, but I’ve never seen anyone check that on - staff - boots and unless you plan to go over the obstacle course it wouldn’t bother me.

I’ve been looking longingly at their GSG-9 assault boots or Under Armour do some which are a bit more civvie, like the ones you are looking at, but rather cheaper.

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The under armours and GSG9 are great lightweight boots, know a few who have had variations of them over the years. Don’t last long in hard use though.

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Nothing does - I’ve not found much difference between £60 Magnums and more expensive boots, though I’ve not gone up to the AKU price bracket.

My original boots high leg lasted a good 10 years.

Yeah, I’ve seen those too. Nike also do/did a quasi-combat boot as well, but only in the US as far as I can tell.

If my WWO wants to tell me off he’d first have to see me and second deal with me not caring because as long as I have to buy my own, I’ll buy what I want…!

There’s a huge range of stuff in the US that we don’t get over here. New Balance which is a British firm - or was anyway - do some really nice looking combat gear. But not on sale in the UK.

I picked up some AKUs a while back and although I haven’t done a great deal of heavy duty work in them it’s a huge departure from what I’m used to with my Haix - the only tell that there’s something on my feet is being able to feel the top of the boot and I think that’s as much getting used to the mid cut than anything else. It will be interesting to get some full days and many Ks in them and see how it feels taking them off after.

They just seem to propel me forward in effortless motion by comparison.

I’m back in the Haix over winter, but have some people talking about Iturris for cold weather - anyone got any experience of them?

As for Civvy stuff, my Karrimor shoes have finally fallen apart completely after 10 years - they weren’t particularly well looked after and hadn’t been waterproof for about half that period. Planning on slapping some Gorilla glue on to stick the soles back in place and just use them for plodding around in away from any wilderness. If I had the money I’d be tempted by Saloman as I’ve always had an eye on getting a pair.

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I got a bargain pair from eBay last year. Bloody amazing. If you find a pair, snap them up.

Also, very smart.

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